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  • INSHAAAAAAAAAAA ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! :D Don't forget to make istikhara!! I'm going to do it now inshaa Allah!
    I meant Christian Orthodox .
    Ah I see , okey no problem .. I was looking for any former Orthodox here ..

    Thanks Sarah ! :)
    Wa Alaikom Assalam honey , I'm glad you are fine , I'm fine too al7amdulillah .
    I wanna ask , Were you Orthodox before Islam ? I may need some help about it ^
    Asalamu alaikum!!! Alhamdulela, I was so afraid! They honestly look so much better in reality, the colors are much better I guess it's because I took the pictures when it was dark. Okay, sticking to the 5$ ones inshaa Allah. How many more would you like? Yes, inshaa Allah I'm almost on holiday. So excited alhamdulela! :D How are you?? <3333333
    Tomorrow inshaa allah I start.. How are you? How is university and work? <3333
    Whaaaaat's the wink for? What am I missing lol? :D This is quite mysterious ahah. LOVE AND MISS YOU TOO. My first exam is on Sunday inshaa allah so I really have to put on my thinking cap these last three days and do the best I can inshaa allah (as I've been very lazy all week, no surprise there). Gosh, I cannot wait for the vacation already I want to go out and wear a certain something something. And now I'll wink for this! ;) hhehe :hearts:
    It's okay, I just got worried about you. Inshaa allah your internet will get fixed soon and sorry about your phone. What's all this craziness about? Inshaa allah you can tell me when it's fixed. Love you! <3333
    Replying now inshaa allah. ARE YOU ON MSN? or do you have to do to work soon? :hearts:
    Details in an email! Lol, I rhyme. But yeah, waiting very impatiently!!! :D Very happy for you elhamduela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hearts: LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
    ALHAMDULELA FOR MEMORIZING THE SURAH!! Inshaa Allah may Allah aid you to memorize the whole Quran!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Inshaa allah it will be great, please don't worry and don't forget to smile whilst you are nervous lol. I'm making so much dua for you inshaa allah and I've also made dua when I traveled to the seaside today (duas get accepted when you are traveling). LOVE YOU!!!!!! <3
    Asalamu alaikum. I was about to email you just now, am so curious as to what happened on Thursday! :D My day was very nice. Studying. :D hehe I have 7 exams this week looool. :D Make dua for me. :) :hearts:
    Well of course, they're so cool! :D ALHAMDULELA, THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN. <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333
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