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  • It's finally sleeping time alhamdulela. Have been killing time all day lol. Hope my sleep doesn't take time lol. :D I love you! Thank you so much!!!! :hearts:
    Can tomorrow come already? I can no longer wait!! I think I'm going to be there long before they open the office, waiting for them very impatiently and when they're finally here, I'll be like 'What took you so long?!' like in the Rush Hour movie. lool :D And they'll meet me with very sleepy faces and tell me to come back after they've fully awaken. lool Can you imagine it? I can lol :D
    Inshaa allah I'll wake up early at 8 or something when they open and I'll go get it. YAYYYYYYYY ALHAMDULELA!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

    I wrote too much, LOL, I had to split it into three VMs. LOL :D
    Like an hour later, on my way home I got a missed call from an unknown number. Usually I don't call back numbers I don't know cause most of the time they turn out to be perverts. Anyway, I don't know, but I just had a feeling I should call this number. And so I did. While I was driving on the highway. So not me to drive and talk on the phone *cough unlike some people cough :D* I could have waited but I had a feeling I just had to call now. So it turned out to be someone from the post office calling to tell me THAT THEY HAVE A PACKAGE FOR ME AND THAT I SHOULD GO TOMORROW TO PICK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D How awesome is that?!!!!!!!! :D But then I was like wait, why do I have to go pick it up shouldn't you come give it to me? But then I let it go because the lady was again very rude and I was just happy it's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D The best thing is tomorrow I don't have university so I have time to go get it.
    Okay, so I've spent the day calling up post offices across Egypt to try to get anyone to answer (only one line, for 6 million people? come on!!) cause they were all busy. Finally when one answered I told him the situation and he told me MAYBE it's still in customs! So I was like, wow I forgot about that option! Maybe it is! That's good news!! I was going to tell you as soon I got back home, but..
    YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait let me get home and explain I'll get it tomorrow inshaa Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    WHY is it not here???? :( I'm going to make dua inshaa allah so much until it comes. And inshaa allah I'll also call them again tomorrow. <3333333333
    It's already Sunday here past noon. Inshaa allah tomorrow ya rab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Am I not worth it??!!!!!! Don't you want to come to Egypt?! Then make my wedding happen quickly! hehehe just kidding. :D Love you!! <33333
    I called them again haha. I couldn't resist. Fortunately this time the people who answered were much kinder and much helpful. They put me on hold and even checked if they had it (even though we don't have the tracking number!!!! :D) and they told me they don't have it yet so they took my name and address to monitor it when it's here. Yayyyyyyy :D No worries at all!! :D :hearts:
    Asalamu alaikum!!!!!!!!! :D I take it then you're in the process of shipping him off to Egypt right now? :p :D No Moroccan please OTHER one. :D hehehehe LOVE YOU! :hearts:
    I called them today. Very rude and impolite, I'm not calling them again just going to wait for it. And you shouldn't go to the post office either they won't help you since we don't have the tracking number. Inshaa allah it will come when it's time. Thank you so much!! xoxoxo PS. lol, you wrote on your wall, sorry I couldn't help but laugh heheh :D
    Yeah I used USPS. Well I guess we are on day 6 so lets give it 4 more day and is it doesn't come then I will go to the post office or something.
    Noo... What company did you use? Usps? Maybe I'll call and ask for it, though I don't think they would be of any help and that we should just wait because I guess we're still on day 6 if we exclude all holidays and weekends.
    Up until yesterday, it still hadn't come yet but I'm at the beach now (also the reason why my reply is short, cause I hate typing on my mobile, will reply properly when i'm back inshaa Allah) so I don't know if it has arrived today. I'll know after tomorrow cause that's when I'm home again. Don't worry, it's only a matter of time, the ten days aren't over yet. xoxox
    No, worries inshaa allah I get it very soon. Maybe tomorrow since everyone goes back to work again. Will let you know as soon as I do inshaa allah. So what did you do in Eid? :D My Eid was good too elhamdulela!! The best thing is that I didn't have to wake up early for university alhamdulela!! :D
    NOOO!! It didn't come today either, I'm going to have to wait after the weekend. :( Oh well, patience. :D hehhe HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY EIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! Any plans for tomorrow inshaa allah? It's your first Eid, mashaa allah! May Allah make it a very blessed and happy first Eid!!! :hearts: :hearts:
    I just came back home a while ago, still nothing.. Inshaa allah tomorrow! I really don't want to wait after Eid!! Inshaa allah tomorrow!!
    LOL, no worries. I guess it's better that way cause if I did have the tracking number, I would spend the whole day just refreshing the page to check it's location, LOL. :D Alhamdulela, inshaa allah I will receive it tomorrow! xoxoxo
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