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  • I am not certain about it. Probably you can visit their website or their facebook page.

    But for sure it wont be this year. So you can ask them to come over to States especially when the summer break is approaching. You will be having fun with them..:)
    Wa-alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah,

    The next venue of the exhibition is the California Science Center in Los Angeles where it will reside from May 27th 2011 until December 31st 2011.

    wa-iyyaak sister,

    No problem sister ,,,i know how it is in NY..:)...

    oh yeah i am still waiting for the response. Both Muhammad Shinaway and the other brother are in the same class....and yeah they are in Medina ..not egypt.

    Oh btw, just to let you know of two things

    1) Sheikh Yusuf Estes is giving a lecture "The Shaded Seven" at "Queens College". This lectures will be held on Tuesday April 26, 2011 from
    6pm-9pm. So take out some time from your busy schedule and attend the event.

    2) The last day of the exhibition "1001 Inventions - Discover The Muslim Heritage In Our World" is April 24. This exhibition is at "New York Hall of Science". It worth going there with your family. If you haven't been there as of now ..then dont waitt...Just goo..
    Assalamo alaikum sister,

    I have forwarded your question to many brothers who have knowledge in this field.

    Furthermore I have asked one of the brother who is in Medina, to ask br. Shinaway regarding this question. Both of them are there...If brother shinaway is not available to answer then i asked him to ask some other scholars....

    As soon as i get any response i will forward it to you..:)

    I sure will post inshAllah, i wanna get back on tti! it was an eman booster wallahi, with so many wonderful friends here as well. guess i neglected many of my friends. will get back on board inshAllah - and the time is NOW. =) love ya sis. =)
    ASalamu Alaikum, beloved sis, i apologize a thousand times and much more! it has been a long time. i just came to check tti now and found your message on my visitors page!!! JazakAllahu Khayran ukhti!!!!! =) and i have missed you sooooooooooo much!!!
    Assalamu Aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaathuh Shahnazz Baji, Ap Kesi he'? Saab teekhe'? Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this message today (hehe....).

    Alhamdulillah everything is alright Baji, no need to worry. :) I've just stopped going on TTI because I'm concentrating on finishing my Hifz this year (before I turn 17), bi Iznillah (by the Permission of Allah S.W.T.).

    And how's everything with you Baji, cool? It's been like MONTHS since I've talked with you, and since I'm here NOW (and Allahu A'lam when I'll ever return), please tell me about all the news that I missed this past 1.5 years Inshallah. :)
    May Allah (SWT)'s name be Glorified, even though it's been over a year, Alhamdulillah, the Love in my Heart NEVER decreases when I think about any of you, and Alhamdulillah, all of you are still dear to me like the way you all were before :). I've just been busy, you know? And you know what they say, one day, the Lion will come out of it's Den (and Inshallahu Ta Alla, I'll be one of the Awliyyah of Allah S.W.T.) :)

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by Baji :), Assalamu Aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaathuh. :)
    Walaykumu salaam

    Alhumdulillah I'm doing fine. I hope you are too.
    Wayaki sister. I'm glad my words helped a bit. How are things for you now? Are you happy? :)

    You take good care too :hearts:
    Walekum Assalam sister, I remember the PMs you are talking about and it was so comforting to have shared it with you. I do not visit this website much often nowadays. All is good with me, Alhamdullilah. I have got married in July this year, mashaAllah, but not had my rukhsati (as in m married, but still living with parents. Will Insha Allah join my husband by next year). How are things at your end? Do remember me in your duaas. keep well. May Allah bless you and your loved ones. Allah Hafiz.
    Aw lolllll sis! i've been quite busy- with shhh-illegal-shhhhh things! :lol:

    :D WHAT?!!?!? are u "down" right now sis? :/- i'm comingggggg!


    *knock knock*

    helloooooo!!! :SMILY252: :SMILY252: :SMILY252:
    Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullah Sister Shahnazz,

    How have you been? Its been a while I guess :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Eid and just wanted to say "Keep holding on strongly, we'll always be with you!" :)

    Take care.
    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...

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