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  • Salam alaikum sweet sister! I was cleaning out my inbox and I came across some beautiful pms you sent me when I was going through an extremely trying time earlier in the year. I had posted about it in the sisters thread and you had pmed me telling me you had been through something similar. I hope all is well with you and that inshAllah time has healed you as well.
    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu:)!!

    hope you are good an under ALLAH's mercy sister!!

    sis do you know where is my sis asiya:(its been long enough!!sorry tobother you but you guys are close right!!.........an di miss her.!!
    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz dear
    where r u??:(
    hope u r doing great.
    May Allah bless u.
    take care
    walikumsalam behna
    bas busy hoan studies main, aur ab madina b janey waley hoan for my board exams aur wahan 1 month stay karna parey ga so plz make dua for my exams, bas us liya net per zaydha nai ah rahi hoan
    aur app kasy ho? N kia ho raha hai aj kaal?

    Take care behna
    Allah hafiz
    walaikumaslam dear sister,
    how are u?
    no matter how much late ur but u remember me that really matters.
    i guess ur from pakistan or india ?
    hey no ur nice so u see goodness in others.
    inshallah we will get benefit from each others knowledge but for the time being i am so busy and cant use internet.
    hope inshallah in future will better know each other.
    assalam dear where were u?
    m gud alhamdulillah!hw r u?
    actually i m busy n will be busy whole month coz we r have DTP (Dawah training prog)
    so i will be very busy inshallah.......
    cum soon dear..i alwys think that wen you will visit ther
    but wen ever yu cum let me knw......
    yeah may is apprchng inshallah there will be programs inshallah try to attain ..
    May Allah Bless u n yur family take care n assalam.
    yes my dear i hav forgiven u....
    hmm i cant tell u exact when i will be online..
    but in the afternoon my be around 2 or 2.30 lets see inshallah.
    take care...
    May Allah bless u too.

    Naz, how are doing today?????????????????

    Wa allaicumu saalam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu dear sister
    i am doing good Alhadulillah. i am sis living America.
    India, Mumbai Ya Allah that where i always when to go. how do you like it over there.
    Amen and may Allah bels you sis and give you the best IMMan and health. i love you sis
    lol sis!!!!! :D
    No I'm not lost- I was just looking for the Wizard of Oz- cudnt find him :lol:
    How r u sis!!!???? :D


    AHAHHAH- gw? today r my parent/ teacher conferences- my teacherz r gonna tell my parents how they can keep me from sleeping in class- which i admit- i do every day :p

    :lol: !


    wish me luck!
    lotsa loveee!!!! :D

    Salalmm! :SMILY252:
    Walikumsalam sister

    i m fine Alhumdillah n how r u ?

    my study is going Alhumdillah good:) n also exams is near:) i also need a lots of dua's :D

    n app kia kar rahi ho aj kaal behna lol i know u r busy , busy n busy:p lagy raho:lol:

    take care
    asslamualaikum dear sister,
    how are u?
    jazakllah khair for ur kind frndship request.
    i am super sorry for my late reply.
    hope to hear more inshallah.
    Wa allaicumu saalam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu dear sister
    am doing alhamdullilah. how are you and your family doing?
    hey where do you love or from sis.
    may allah bels you sis and give you the best IMMan and health. i love you sis
    Lol sis!!! :D :hearts:
    i was away for a few days- a week lol- lost count- i was busy- but i'm BACK! ;)


    How r u sis? :laughing-dancing:
    and howz the weather??? ;)


    sis hw r u???hope evrythng allright...hmmmm whr r U??
    i was busy thts y cudnt ask u since many days...
    take care
    May Allah bless you,
    Asalamalikum wah rahmahtullah wah bahrakatu behna:)

    app ne muje apney bachey bana liya:p main tuo sirf app se 3 yeh 4 years he chotey hoan gy behna:D but it's ok:) than main app ko aunty bolon kia:lol: if u don't mind:D becoz u told mere bachey:D...........acha khair i m lil confuse

    i know u was not angry behna, actually i was also joking:) so, app dil per maat lehin;)

    subanAllah app ka name ka acha meaning hai:)

    Hibba means ''God Gift'' .....''Allah ka tohfa''

    jazakallah khair for my studies...bas thorey achey jah rahi hai:lol: aur thorey buri:lol: but inshAllah i hope achay numbers se pass ho jahongy ..........aur app sunao behna:)?

    take care alot
    Walikumsalam wah rahmahtullah wah bahrakatu
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