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  • no problem, everything happens for a reason, learning through experience is good alhamdulelah, waslam alikom
    May Allah help you to get what you aimed for...The goal is full of difficulties but inshallah with the duaas of your family, friends and others, you will achieved it.

    Ask your mom and dad to make duaa for you all the time. There is tremendous power in it. I am saying it out of experience. Lately whatever I am touching is becoming Gold. I will some time write a thread about it.

    Correct me if I am wrong..Is your major IR (International Relations)?
    Wa-alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah,

    Congratulations on getting in the masters program. That's remarkable..keep it up...

    If you don't mind me are financing your masters. I remember we had a conversation about loan etc.
    Assalamo alaikum sister,

    I guess you took too much time in planning to organize an event at the City College of New York.

    CAIR and some other organization, came to the City College of New York and conducted "Know Your Rights" workshop. Its was pretty good. Muslim student Organization (MSO) and Women in Islam (WII) conducted this event.

    Furthermore, alhamdolillah I am please to inform you that I am the Founder/President of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).

    I came to TTI after long just to share with you the info and to offer you my professional assistance.
    'hoopla' - very nice word choice, I never knew such a word existed until just then. Taken :)
    Assalamu Alaikum: Sister in faith.

    Hope you are doing well,InshaAllah.

    If you would like to seek guidance as to which translation of Quran justifies original Arabic text (of Quran),in this context you may contact my spiritual sister. She is Ph.d in Quranic translations. If you wish I will provide you her Email ID.


    assalamu alaikum sis,
    I just wanted to know something...I think u r Pakistani or Indian? I am not sure and please forgive me if I am wrong. I am taking this psych class, and we're talking abt divorces among different cultures. I watch alot of Hindi movies, and it always shows that a divorce is frowned upon. I also gather that there is only 1.1% of divorce in India compared to here in the states (49%). Can you tell me more about it? is it true that some people are really ashamed to the point where the girl never marries again? and that if she wanted her family has to pay MORE dowary simply coz she aint a virgin anymore?
    I am sorry to just start this, but I really needed some help. Thanks :)
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