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  • wa 'alaykum salaam wa rahmatullah

    Ukhti I apologize if I reply a little late, my computer has had a system error at the moment which is preventing me from get any access on it at all... until then I'm afraid I might not be on here except randomly! Please be patient with me till then!

    Jazaakillah khayr

    Walykumsalam ukhti!
    Yeah you havnt lol i missed my TTI family :( long time no see....Im doing great alhamdulilah!!!!:D
    happy eid mubarak

    Assalamu Alykum ShanazZ Baji, Apka Kyale'? :) I haven't seen you in a long time Baji :) If Allah Ta Alla wills, everything is going well with you, and also with the brother whom; if Allah Ta Alla wills, will be a great and beautiful brother, a follower of Rasulallah (SAW), an Ahl as Sunnah, and a follower of the Salaf as Salih, as your future husband, who will be dutiful, soft, gentle, and kind to you, if Allah Ta Alla wills, and will give both of you a romantic, beautiful, and blessed marriage together, in this Duniyah, and which shall continue in the Akirah, which it will be only the TWO of you together.
    And always remember Baji, that you always have Allah Ta Alla by your side to lean on, and remember that as long as Allah Ta Alla is on your side, then NO ONE can stand in your way of being happy; and remember that by the more you do of good (Fardh and Nafl) deeds just in your Hope to Please Allah Ta Alla, then you will get closer to him, in which he will will LOVE you dearly, and whereas you will ALSO Love him, and Wallahi, By Allah Ta Alla, nothing in the Heavens and the Earth is more Beautiful than that.

    Assalamu Alykum Warahmatullahe Wabarakaathuh

    -Your "chutu" (LoL I'd DIE laughing if I hear you say this :p) Bhai :)
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