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  • Salaamu'alaykum! :)

    How are u ukhtii? Hope ur well, thought id just nip by

    Hope u and the kids are well,

    lots of love to them from meeee :D

    Miss u bare :(

    i have not been able to cum on MSN cos its not workiing for soome odd reason. inshaALlah it'll be sorted out soon :)

    im REALLY REALLY really sorru habibtbii for not being on :(

    so sorry for not MSGing u on msn :( i have not been on lately, on tti or msn.

    im so sorry u feel neglected hun, pls dont feel that:(
    i love you ukthi!
    I couldn't follow you there, ukhti. I'm sorry. Can you please repharase it.

    Jazak Allah khayar.
    :salam2: my sister,

    :jazaak: for your kind comments and thank you for taking the time to read my posts. Take care.

    :wasalam: :SMILY259:
    "ummyasiin has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."

    Make some room there, sister. Tidy up a bit your messy inbox asap! :)

    Good night.
    You were nearly there..

    1. Type
    It's nothing so serious, ukhti. No problems at all.

    Don't just add 'img' at the end (right side) of the link; please add
    No, it's nothing but a web code kinda thing.
    I'll explain.

    If you want put some picture here on forum, e.g. this one:

    ...what you need to do is write .
    Preview your post and you should be able to see that pic in your post.

    Try it and let me know if any question.
    (I'm a brother)
    To add an image on forum you use this command sister: . In the blank space add your image's URL (link). Eg if you have found some image on google, you'll copy that image's url (sometimes called image location) and paste it.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, sister.
    AlhamduliAllah good to hear u r getting stronger:)
    it makes me feel so happi to knw so:D
    and I am doing well AlhamduliAllah, nothing to complain abt, jst a lil busy with school :D
    u too dear ukhti:D
    tc and always remember,
    Allah is the only one worthy of pleasing....inshaAllah keep on starving to please HIm and Him alone:D
    uhubuki fiAllah,
    mwaaahhss, and huggggss!
    salaamu Alaikum sis:D

    jst dropped by to say salaam:)

    hope u r in the best of health/imaan:)
    tc hunn,
    Allah be with u always:D
    lotts of love, ubah
    salamu Alaikum sweety:D
    aawww sis, all praises be to Allah, whatever guud comes from me.....only came outta of His will, and He beautifies my words to in order to comfort ur heart, subhanaAlllah!:)
    ameen to ur dua hun:) AlhamduliAllah you find my words beautiful:) may Allah always keep u happy, may Allah forgive u and keep ur soul in the right path, give u patience in times of harships, put u amongst His beloved slaves, and always protect that wonderful soul of urs, give u home closer to HIM in Al-jannah! and give ME the opportunity to meet u there inshaAllah!
    ukhti, u tooo r beautiful and I love u soo much for Allah's sake!:)
    I ask Him also to love you for u love me for His sake, I ask Him to resurrect me with u and shade us under His Arsh for we have chosen to love one another ONLY for His sake!
    ameeen, InshaAllah.....with the mercy of Allah we'll BOTH meet in jannah!
    wasalamu Alaikum sis,
    It's good to hear are you are doing fine, dear sister. I'm doing fine too, by God's Grace.

    That's OK, sis. One don't have to some expert to do such things. IF you want to know how you can use pics in the forum, I can explain to you happily.
    awwww, yall make me smile. mashallah I am good alhamdulilah, actually I tried but I have failed it came up as a bunch of numbers and letters like somthing I had no business accessing lol, so I gave up, i am not cpu literate. how are you?
    Asslam'u Alykum,

    I was just passing by your page. :) And thought of asking how were you doing.
    By the way, have you worked out yet how to post pictures on the forum, sister? :p

    Wa'salaam ukhti
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