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  • Salaamalaykum akhi,

    How are you doing lad ? Aapka ka koi ataa pataa nahin aaj kal. Are you busy with studies or so ?

    It's been ages since I have seen you, hope you are doing well Alhamdulillah
    wa alaikum salaam wa rahmahtullah bhaijaan,

    aapne hamein yaad rakha, shukriya. :D
    alhamdulillah sab sahi hai yaha par. mausam rang badal raha hai. kabhi sardi toh kabhi garmi :tongue:
    salaam alaikum,

    bahut din ho gaye...socha ek msg de dun...:tongue:
    aur 'u.k' mein kya chal raha hai? sab theek thaak bhai?
    how are you??it's been a while since i saw you around.........hopefully everything is fine:)

    just thought i'd ask:)everything's okay right???
    assalamualikum bro how ru , sorry havent been on tti , how is life ? inshallah i hope everything is fine .
    Salamu aliakum,

    just to wish you every success in your inteviews in Pharmacy in Feb- I read that on Alesha's profile, but i couldnt send her a VM (i think because she is green coded?)

    anyway good luck and let me know if you need any help/advice in Pharmacy

    (p.s your signature is fantastic)
    Salaamalaikum Akhi..

    How are you doing ? I was watching the news the other day and they said that you folks had a record -22 celcius in the UK.. I hope everything is okay at your end and that you and your family are coping with it Alhumdulillah. :)

    Take care and Keep smiling..
    salam ya brother.. I have just seen your singnature :) it is amusing .. great work ;) Congratulations :)
    Walaykumsalaam wa rahmatullahi Akhee..

    Haha this is hilarious.. :D I just typed up a message for you :p.. so you can read that Insha'Allah..

    I am well Alhumdulillah.. I hope you are in good health and Imaan yourself too Alhumdulillah rabbil alameen..

    yep yep enjoying every moment.. Alhumdulillah..

    Wasalamalaikum waa rahmatullahi

    reg. signature bhai....i was planning to use light purple colour and use some hadith on tawhid, martyr, etc.
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