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  • Allaicumu Salam my love

    May You be in the best state of faith and health. Ameen

    Thank you soo much for remembering me, you are so kind wallahi. And I do not deserve all that kindness. May Allah reword you and make your life blessed always. Ameen

    I have been absent from the site becouse of some misunderstanding that happend, but everything is fine now Allhamdullilah.

    I do not feel myselfe good becouse I am ill and I have temperature. PLease keep me in your duas Inshallah.

    How are you dear sister and how is your familly??? I hope you all are well Inshallah.

    May Allah bless you

    I am sending you a loot of kisses and hugs:)

    wa ailkom assalam sister servant of allah ,
    im fine alhamdoliallah ,im just busy these days somehow... and you sister how you doing and what avout youir family, hope all are fine ,and im so happy for your asking thanks so much and jazaki allah khir katir ...may allah reward you aljannah ...and allmuslims
    wa alikom assalam awarahmato allah taala wabarakatoho

    wow u can't imagine how much i miss you wallahi sister , im fine alhamdolaillah i need to talk with you on my msn , why my msn isn't working i used it all the time ...
    salaam alaikom dear sister

    did you miss me because i missed you so much dear sister Khadija .

    hope everything is ok talk to you sooon

    btw your msn is unbelievable i dont know why i cant talk to you .
    Sorry for the late reply.. :redface:
    You dont see her on msn..? I saw her on the other day .... but she had to leave i think. :(

    I miss her too much.. i wish she would come back :(
    May Allah bless her alwayz inshaAllah.

    Take care ukhti.
    i hope for her everything good in life ..........wallahi from my deepnesss, i love her so much for allah's sake i will pray for her whenever i remmeber her, tell that i misss her a lot too .............
    wa alikom assalam warahmato allahi taala wabarakatoho

    are on line im on line now plz join me!!!!!!!!!
    Salaam :)
    hope you're oki inshAllah. Sister, sister hijab al3efa asked me to let you know that she loves you and misses you a lot. She tried to send you a msg BUT, it wasnt working unfortunately. I dont think she'll be on msn anymore :(

    Take care
    Love you alwayz :)
    wa alikom salamo allahi wa rahmatoho taala wabarakatoho,

    im fine alhamdolillah..and what about you sister, hope you are doing well and your family too, thanks so much for your kindness ,, may alah reward you aljannah for you attention sister, take care of your self may allah bless you whenever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    salam alikom

    Assalamu alaikum sister Khadija!
    How are you doing?? I hope that you are fine by the Grace of Allah Almighty..
    wa alikom assalam awa rahmato allahi taala wa barakatoho

    i can say alhamdolillah for the moments , thanks so much for your attentive wallahi wallahi i love you so much for allah sake.., i will make dou'a for you sister ,plz don't forget me in your dou'a too i need it so much..this is my msn: so as to talk more dearest sister ... whenever you r on line just send me private mesge ok sweet sister.... take care of your self
    salam alikom
    ur sis
    salaam alikom dear sis

    how is everything ? hope everything is fine dear sis

    you know i told my family about you and how good person you are mashAllah .

    i love you for Allah sake

    keep me in your dua dear sis

    wa alikom salamo allahi taala wa barakatoho,
    how r you hope u r good and ur family too.jomo3ah mobarakah for you too thank you so so much, im sorry for being late in answering because im very ill , plz make dou'a for me a,d jazaki allah khir katir dearest sister..i love too for allah's sake , may allah reward y jannah amee.
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