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  • wa alikom assalam dear sister
    alhamdulillah i am fine and thanks for dropping by . mashAllah you are such a very good person wallahi and Allah knows how much i love you for his sake .
    you have a good day too dear sis
    salaam alaikom
    salam alikom sister

    im alhamdolillah fine , thanks so much for aking..
    by the way im on line now................
    My dear sister......Long time no chat how are you?
    salam alikom

    u r more than welcome with pleasure sister ruki4eva,its nice to hear that u r donig well alhamdolillah.great news!!ameen to ur dou'a sister ,and jazaki allah too khir katir siter for ur kind replay, i repeat again u r more than welcome..take care sister
    salam alikom
    wa aliki salamo allahi sister hijab_al3efah

    im fine alhamdolillah, and my family too,thakns so much for asking..and how r u hope u r fine and ur family as well..may allah grant u aljannat.i love u in the sake of allah ..
    jazaki allah khir sister
    Asallamu alaykum sister
    Jazakallah sister for accepting the friendship request :)
    nice to hear from u 2, hope you are all good and family aswel inshallah. Alhamdulillah im ok and your welcome sis :) ..may allah swt guide us all to the right path Ameen
    take care sister
    salam alikom sister Muslimah16.

    im fine alhamdolillah thanks so much for asking,and jazaki allah khir for ur kindness sister,take care sister have a nice day
    wa aliki salamo allahi wa rahmatoho taala wa barakatoho

    im fine alhamdolillah thanks so much for asking, what about u ?
    hope u are doing well insha allah and ur family as well..may allah increase our imane and guide us all to the right path insha allah
    jazaki allah khairan katiran sister
    As Salaam Alaikum,
    hope u r doing gud sis...
    have a very pleasant day
    take care...
    hello dearest sister,
    im fine alhamdu lillah ,me too, so pleased to see u here u have a very special and interseting presence masha allah ..salam alikom
    wa alikom salam im fine alhadulillah ,amenn to u dua'a sister ,may allah increase our imane and guide us to the right path insha allah..
    Salam sister how are you! Just droppig by and saying peace unto you! May Allah bless and strengthen our faith !
    To cure yourself of a bad feature of character is an obligation. It will save you from the disasters of this world as well as of the Hereafter. [Imam Birgivi]
    Wa3alaikom Asalam wr wb sister :)

    Jazaki Allah Kair for your Duas.... May Allah grant you Jannat Al-Firdawsh Ala3laa
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