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  • hehehe :lol:looks like exam scars are going tolast for sometime:p

    never mind behna ji no problemo;)well i'm fine alm but am about to enter thr crazy zone soon:pyeah examz are drawing nearer wud have to say bye byeTTI:(

    ab to aap farig ho naa dua kara behna:)

    love you my sis:SMILY252:

    :wasalam: wa rahamtullahi wa barakatuh:)

    Hopefully we will do ;)

    Tc lovey,
    have a great day and keep smiling!

    Salam little sis

    Sorry for not replying to you sooner.

    aameen to you duas

    I'm well Alhumdulillah and yourself hun? How have yu been?
    I knwo we dont get a chance to talk now so often and im really sorry about that. Hope you forgive your sis :)

    Really miss you


    My grandmother passed away today UK time 8:00am
    Please make dua for her maghfirah.

    zainab kia hall shal??? yar wanted to knw hws ya doin? all fine na? gud luck fr exams prep and make dua fr me too :)
    LOL anyways, everything is very well now Alhumdulillah! And ya vacations were *sort of* good ;) lol

    Heyy I'm missing you again!Come backk soon okay sweetyyyy!! :hearts:

    Wasalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam :D

    what are you my teacher:p to tel me what to ddo and what not to do :p ;)
    Im fine yar wha bout yew? lolz get well soon thnkfully i dun hve 'em. Yeah here its freeezing too. Naw im not really jealous cuz skol ma aaj kal sai shugal lagta ha ;)
    Eveyone else is fine my abba jan cumin 2moro after a loooooong tym *yayyyyy* :D
    wasalam to zaji. Sorry fr late reply dun come online here much. Cya babex
    Allah hafiz.
    Btw did knw it wz mami'z bday wish her frm us will ya?
    tc xx
    Assalamu aalikum

    How are you sister?! Its been reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy long!! I hope everything is good at your end ;)

    I missed you alot.
    Take care
    Wa alaikum as salaaaaaaaaaaammm
    how r u zainiji? wats happening in life?
    well, yup i absolutly fine ALHAMDULILLAH!!! just kinda busy with the new freedom ;)
    life's going sooth Alhamdulillah but i really miss the long hours i used to sit going around TTI!
    u tell me- wassup with u?howz studies?
    take care
    Keep :)ing
    Yeh it snows here a lot. Are you fascinated by snow? aw bless you. MashaAllah. Snows kinda not very exciting for me lol. Maybe when i was a little younger.

    It snowed the other night. and its totally freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing here. I wear so much clothing lol. I tend to look really chubby :D

    So whats new with you ? Hows your fmaily? and studies? going well inshaALlah ;)

    Tc hun
    MashaALlah good to hear.

    Hows my fatttttttuu? :D
    Mishh her :(

    Gv her my salaamz n love pls :)

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