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  • oh bahna sorry, can't send u d PM you have exceeded the MAX allowed space. Please delete some msgs so that I can send u...
    salam alykum hope ur in ur best health and emaan inshallah
    hey u are 4m uae so where are from u here iam 4m dubai :)

    tc love you for the sake of Allah :)
    Assalamu alaykum!
    Baji! Khairiat hei? No messages! Are you okay?
    How are you enjoying the new "freedom";)??
    Reply back as soon as you get this.
    Take care and Allah Hafiz.
    aslam alakum sis was up how r u doing
    jst dropped to check on how u doing and saying salam to u\

    love u
    happy eid mubarak

    Walekum Salam sis
    Alhamdulillah am fine thanx.. How are u doing sis.?? hows everything with u? Hope InshAllah everything is fine :D I missed u ...
    take care :D
    my naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

    im ever so sorry i ahd to delete your msg, long story will explain inshaALlah :)

    Do you have me on msn? i'd like to chat to you one-t-one there :D

    Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Wassalaam :):)
    Wasalaam Nadia Aaapi.
    ALhamdulillah, im okay. College is pretty hectic.
    I sent you offlines earlier on MSN.
    Congratulations once again. How is everything at ur end.

    Take care Aapi.
    Wa alaykumus salam Nadia baji!!

    I am Alhamdulillah doing great!! Nothing new except for my ever-lasting exams...;):)
    How are your nephews and nieces?? Poor them! They must be missing you ALOT!! Am I right? :)

    Come back soon sister. Really looking forward to talk to you again.
    All the best.
    Take care. Fee Imaan illah..:)
    Allah Hafiz.

    P.S: Please remember all of us in your prayers.. we are going through really tough times.
    Assalamualykum sis,
    Hope ur in the best state of your physical and Spiritual Health,
    I am seeing that ur coming online almost daily but ........ Well no issues..I am not complaining sis but I'm expecting your ....
    Anyways take good care,have fun...
    Keep smiling...
    Ma'as salamah
    alhumdilllah i m fine sister:D

    n my life is going well alhumdillah

    i m student of college (high school):lol:

    oh u r from pak :D abhi para hai:lol: nice to hear that

    n i think u r elder than me am i right:D

    i m from pak but living in saudia arabia:D

    n what r u doing in duabi?:D

    take careeeeeee u toooo behna

    Welcome back to TTI, sister naaad. :SMILY139:

    I am sure they are many who must have missed you. so don't be sad.. okay ? :)

    I just saw 'UAE' on your location and I was reminded of my parents who live there. (and I used to also). That's great that you live there.. Splendid place !

    Take care sister.. Smile :)

    Ab to mujhay yaqeen ho gia hei ke jin "Bajion" ki bhi shadi ho jati hei wo zaroor "Aunty" ban jati hei..:(
    Where have you disappeared baji?! Long time no see...
    I hope everything is alright at ur end and that u r fully enjoying yourself.. InshaAllah. :)
    baji baji baji.......... i c u and i am so happy to seeeeeeeeee uuuuu
    kiy ahaal chal hein? au rkiya ho reha hoo?
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