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  • What you said about the rain ..? So true, its almost poetic, I love it :)

    I totally get what you mean :SMILY252:
    interesting question..

    Today we were discussing if its true that the weather impacts the mood of school kids. Apparently this sort of weather calms them down a bit. Rain gets them super excitable, as does the wind.
    Dudette is absolutely ffrreeezing. And I got to walk in it! The sun was glaring today though.

    We're so silly and British - talking about the weather :p
    Yeah, It kinda is. My world is the campus. Outside city is a jungle lol. Atleast it's peaceful here.

    Oh no! Sweet as honey they are. You shouldn't back off that quick, I'm shippi' them off to you soon. How about you start prep.

    I knooooowww. But they are special nonetheless.
    Lol, that sounds quite like me. We are given questions for practising the minor subject of Maths. Who does it? I've got my registers full of questions. To be answered by. . ?

    I live in the campus, my relatives are employed in the uni's admin and stuff. My Khala is my teachers' teacher lol. So I stay in the campus and at home;)

    yeah? You bragging to the wrong girl, ukht. I'm really tempted to call the shipping companies lol. I like kids but not the 6 up kids, who are spoiled rotten. You know those damn rude kids, who damn care. I don't play with my respect like their parents do so I tried my best to explain to them their limits with me. I think they've got it. They like me, its me who is on the edge of her nerves. Inshaa'Allaah we are reaching a compromise.

    Man! Living away from them, now I know my sibs were real special.
    Switching to VMz, I'm to lazy to delete PMs anymore.

    That so is not fair, well don't let that get to you head, because "I" will have a day off soon;p They are having a party= I have a day off. Alhumdulillah~ Yaaay!

    If the topic is according to my mood, studies can be interesting. But coming home late. Tsk Tsk. No compromise here lol.

    I mean, I send my cousins over so you study them as they are "children". Add a crazy before children;p
    Wa-alaykum assalam lol thats cute!

    Im slightly worried if I'm giving you nightmares though ..:(
    Argh! My box was packed even though I meant to keep it emptier.

    Please resend your post if possible?

    Sorry Chan, I'm not ignoring you, my inbox is absolutely packed atm, but I'll try to get back to you soon insha'Allaah
    Waslamoalaikom wa rahamtullahi wa barakaatuh,

    See if it makes sense to you now? *Smile*

    Sorry about all that mess, but I was really feeling down for back then.
    Same here. We got some clouds, not sure if the forecast said anything about rain. Would be glad to have some though.

    It's. . .don't really know*SMile*. We can call it good Alhumdulillah.
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