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  • There's nothing to be embarrassed about at all, I assure.

    Use this:

    Narrated by Umm Salamah (Radia Allahu ‘Anha) that,

    The Prophet Muhammad (Salla-Allahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam) made this Du’a the most:

    ”Allah Humma, Ya Muqallib Al-Quloob, Thabbit Qalbi ‘Alaa Deenik,”

    “O Turner of the hearts, make my heart firm upon Your Religion.”


    Hope we get to talk again soon =)
    Assalaamu alaykum,

    hey umm, just wanted to tell you to stay strong! and know that we LOVE here at TTI <3 most of us are willing to help you and to help each other:) you're not alone <3
    xoxox take care,
    Asaalamo`Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baarakaatuh,

    You want to talk? Just a nice chat. I mean I'm free from my semester. I think you want to have some fun. Not that talking to me is much fun but who knows, what happens who two stupid dicky birds sit on the wall, lol!

    You silly dumpling ..how am I supposed to know if that last thread of yours was a joke or not? See?

    Assuming it is not, let me just say there is no need to be shy of me wallahi, give me a call, miss call me by the end of the weekend and inshaAllaah we can fit in a chat. Try tomorrow evening after 5pm.

    Please sis, I look forward to hearing from you, just miss call me when you have some free time. We need to talk k?

    Much love,

    lool....I am telling you dude, scary movies aint my thing. Anything with ghosts and devil like things is not that appealing to me. Tell me crime and suspense, love stories (yea, even bollywood ones are supper awesome)!! :p

    no and no to both movies you mentioned! and YUKH the rat eating part?? OMG HOW GROSS??!?! how did you even handle watching that, I woulda been screaming my lungs out! for real!!
    Loool okay so your thread in the Sister's Section scared me 'cause you said you're struggling with your emaan, lololol. The thread's kinda going crazy, but I admit, I lol'd. ;)

    Annnnd life in New York is okay, lol. I don't know.. Just like everywhere else.. but much more fitnahtastic, hahah. Can't wait to get out of high school!

    How is England? :D
    Anyways ...moving on from that thread. I hope you're well sis ..I'm sorry I had to say what I did, but please be careful in future, you gave me a fright.

    Wa 'alaykum assalam.

    Oops sorry about the late reply sis! Wa iyyaki, I'm kind of a shy person myself (until I get to know people that is.. :p) so it's fine. I thought I actually friended (lol word?) a while ago but apparently not.. Soo yea.. :D

    I'm doing fine alhamdulillah! I was struggling with my imaan for a while but alhamdulillah I'm back.. annnnd studies, ehh, same old same old!

    How is everything going for you? :)
    Insha'Allah <3

    You're sick wallahi--my friend watched it and was like it aint that bad, but those movies are not for me!
    and OMG, you watched the Vow??? how dare you? everytime I wanna watch it, some school work comes up or I have to work! I might see it (if it is still playing) two weeks from now ( I have my spring break) :) if not I will watch it on DVD or something!
    Oh yea, there was ones a time I was like that but movies are like my all time favorite things so I slowly started going back :/ and no don't tell me anything, you're gonna spoil it for me! LOL

    I have been having troubles with my Deen, stressful life and yea. but alhamdulillah

    oh yea I did---hehe just personal reason ;)

    YES I have and I seen the trailer for it! I was dead scared yo...and I NEVER watched it and I aint even planing on watching it---but I would LOVE to see "The Vow" aaww, such a cute chick flick :) you should see it too ;)

    PS: I love how we always end up talking about movies bwahaha
    Good! A chance for you to reflect on whatlife might be otherwise. Alhamdulillah, Allaah teaches us things in beautiful ways, sometimes its painful but the lesson is always important and necessary.

    Glad to hear you're okay though. Learn to cook different things, then you can show your mum by making them for her when she gets back :). Also keep everything spotless for when she returns :cool: she'll appreciated all of this.

    Oh and ..forget al-Maghrib ..lol

    Nope, Gt sucks for real. I super hated it.

    Inshaa'Allaah? lol, you take it as if it's essential not to get over it.

    Not ashamed, sad. I wasted my time on it. I used to have my face glued to it all day. Alhumdulillah I've got better things than watch the sayin scream the energy out of them.
    I think I like majin buu saga too and cell and story of future trunks and. . .lol

    I 'used' to waste time on this. Now Alhumdulillah I'm over it.

    And everyone who reads stuff on your wall. Preeetty safe, yeah;p?
    The traffic red light, so you slip again and no car runs over you.

    Fav. dbz episode and character. Lol look at us, of all the things to be discuss we are talking about dbz. Let me tell you a secret though, It used to be one of my favourite cartoon series. Shhh! Don't tell anyone.
    A strong Sayien stays his ground. Be firm, Where's your Pride *Vegeta tone* lol!

    BaarakAllaahu feeki for you invitation ukht.

    No, not those who passed away, but still mine won't reach a thrity lol, you won this one.

    So how about on a red light, then?

    Aww! ukht, guess you won't be wasting your time now? Btw which do you like best?
    Oh yeah, I do.

    Very bad, stay your ground soldier!

    Hmm, it's 16 (adding both sides) and may increase Inshaa'Allaah, 'cos my youngest uncle is still young;p

    You know, go back where you slipped, fix a camera and Sliiiiiiiiiiiiip again.Send me the vid;p
    Will I want to get rid of them all, they'll prove to be very beneficial youknow;p

    Maternal or paternal?lol.

    Oopss. Can you replay for me, please.
    I see, so how about we double it. Make it 4, I believe you are studying early childhood stuff but we can add early teenage too;p so kids, two early teenage girls. That should be equal to worrying about 10

    Lol not all asians, we just find that type more in our village now. It's mostly 4. This number is getting quite popular with parents;p

    Mashaa'Allaah~ Enjoy lol.
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