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  • no itz not my bed tim yet lol
    jus wanted to say salam
    i couldn go without sayin hi sisteeeeey
    u go sleeeep now.....u hav skool tomorow
    wasalamu alaikum
    do your essays you are not even done what r u doing here and you knw u have only this day in the computer lab in this class
    more work less chat
    it was 3iid day what u expect me to come to school no i was chilling with my family those are the only two days that the school gave us not to come to school let me enjoy the two happy days of my life
    girl u knw i dont skip school am A student so why dont u write your essay and give it to mr linne
    jazakallah sis! Ur most welcome sister...no prob ur not late..better late then never rite ? :D :lol:
    take care and hope u had a GREAT eid!!

    walaikumu salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    alhamdulilah sis Ramadan is goin GREATTTTTT!!!!
    Hw about ur side? I hope is goin well
    btw sis there is no need to forgiv u....maybe am the one who should ask for
    tc habbiiibti
    luv uuuuu
    wasalamu Alaikummmm
    salam aleikom sister kubra how r u?? and ur family?? ramadan mubarak , may allah bless u sis i miss u so much

    ur sister fatima zahra

    Wa3alaikom Asalam wa rahmatuAllah wa barakatuh sister

    Ramadan Mubarak , May Allah accept all our fasting and reward us jannatul firdawsh al a3laa :)
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