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  • No no sister I am not scared anymore...:D

    Really! you are going to tell me soon..!! Aw.... that would be so cool! I can hardly wait..:)
    Take care sister.
    Hope your tests are going well....
    Sister! you scared me soooooooooo much... i am talking to an anonymous person?? wow! thats scary! errrr.... well I cant see how u know me because I don't usually go out.....but, well... i won't ask u ofcourse..;)
    but!!...........I am still thinking....!
    No worries :D take care..

    i'll give u time to think about it.. u migh have buried it in ur books somewhere. and seen as though u have soooooo much other things to remember you deleted ur name from ur memory :D :D
    So look for it :) Loooll

    Hows the medical case going? :)
    JazakAllah sister!

    No, these classes are not in the Academy..they are in my school...:(
    I totally understand about the stages because my sister goes through all of this as well... InshaAllah I will pray for you that you pass them all with good marks..... Ameen.
    Wa alykum salam :)
    Alhumdulillah i am well... :)

    How are you? LOll.. books from all angels.. thats scary..
    No worries my duaas are with you.. i hope you pass inshAllah with flying colours as they say :D

    So whats your name?
    Another book might cum flying in....haha... i was laughing at that a lot. hehe
    Lucky i was alone in the room.. or else they'd of thought ive gone completely nuts! LOLl..

    Oh sister, you really made my day :)
    im not a college student, no. I'm currently doing islamic studies. Make duaa for me, Allah makes it easy for me.

    My exams are in may... i feel like this is the millionth time im telling everyone..loll.. sorry if im telling you again.. loll. :D
    Anywayz, hope you're not burying yourself in these books.. that wouldnt be a pleasing sight. loll.

    So may i ask, what is your name?
    im sure it must be as sweet as you :)

    Take care
    Assalamu alaikum Misbah baji!

    How are you today?? I bet you will be much relaxed because its Sunday.. right? I hope that that InshaAllah you are doing great..

    Well, Guess what??!! my exams got FINISHED!! I am SOO happy, relieved and what not...... hhehhhee!!
    But I have to attend 10th classes from tomorrow onwards..:(
    Imagine ... we have beeen killed by these exams and we get only one holiday... unfair, isn't it??

    So, are your stages and sub-stages and physio and biochem vivas going well??? I hope they are..:)
    Ok, I won't take much of your time...
    Best of Luck and please remeber me in my prayers,
    your sister, zainab.
    Wa alaikumus Salam sister!!

    Hahhaha! I do not know about the toughness of medical education???!! Awww... don't say that! I have a father who is a doc... and my sister is becoming a doc! So, I have a pretty good idea about its toughness.... thats the reason why I have promised NOT to become a doctor because it drives you CRAZY!!!

    jazakAllah for your REALLy comforting words... Just please pray for me cuz my mum is expecting very good marks from me and I really don't want to disappoint her...
    okay, now I gotta rush!
    Take care
    Wa alaikumus Salam dearest sister.

    Alhamdulillah I am doing great... though i am getting really tired now... these exams have been going on for such a long time .... after about three days I have chemistry paper... Damn!! i am Exhausted!... especially when I come home after the paper and discover that I have done one or two objectives wrong..... really I am sick of everything now... didn't know that these papers make you feel soooooooooooooooooooooo depressed!! there are still 2 papers left... do pray for me please !!!!!
    Sorry for all this bogus talk... i am just so disappointed in myself...

    Anyways, jazakAlah so much for asking sister... Its means so much to me....... I hope that your medical studies are not doing much damage to your mind!! all those muscles and bones and joints and God knows what!!!
    Wish u all the best....Wassalam
    w aleykum salaam w rahmatullahi w barakatu,

    afwan ukhti,

    inshallah w ameen li duaa'

    jazallah khair for the add too :)

    awww shukran for reading my posts,

    i hope you had a great weekend inshallah!

    *hugs and kissesss*
    ma as-salaama.
    :salam2; sis.
    thanks for the beutiful invitation,and may Allah(swt) bless you in this life and hereafter.
    wa alaykumus Salam sister.

    jazakAllah for asking. I am in federal board.... had my first paper today.... I messed up in two objectives!! I am soooo depressed....:(
    But i have faith in Allah. I did my job and now leave the rest to Him.
    In which class are you?? If u don't mind me asking.
    JazakAllah again. Please pray for me..:)

    P.s: oh! thanx for calling me ghuriya!!! Thankyou!!!1

    I am fine sister Alhmadulillah:).Thank you very much dear sister for asking.:hearts:

    Inshallah you are fine too.:tti_sister::tti_sister::tti_sister:

    Wa Alaykum Salaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatu,

    That is really nice of you to drop by :).

    How have you been Dear? How is school and studies going? Hope all is well Insha Allah.

    Anyway hun, I will catch ya later. Take Care.

    Fee Amaanillah

    ~Saba :)
    Dear Sister Misbah,

    InshaAllah this too finds you in the best state of health. Quickly will answer your questions, My assessments are loaded, yet I still give myself the leisure time to come here and when I do, I have beautiful words awaiting for my reply. Yes, its much busier, but enjoyable. I still miss those good old school memories that my friends and I always want to live again. Ah they were good times.

    Jazak Allah Khair for asking about me, and saying Salaam. May Allah remember you as you remember me and May He Honour you above all on the Day. Ameen.

    Dear Misbah, fee Amanillah.
    salam dearest misbah.Allah sabhanahu watala keep u in the best state of health and iman ameen.
    yes siter mother is the greatest gift to the mankind.
    but my relationship with my mother is sort of a Frnd_daughter.
    i share everything with her and she shares everything wioth me.
    i am like mother to her she is ,ofcourse,my mother.
    dont be upset sister.
    woh lamhay jo beetey hyn aissi pyaari hasti ki sangat mein
    on lamhoon ko yaad kerna hi nimat e mutaraqiba hy.(hope i am not going to far with my urdu:D)
    apni ammi ki maghfirat ke liye dua ki kareyn aur Allah ka shukur keh Allah ney ammi ki sangat mein dhair saarey lamhey naseeb kiye.
    and am waiting very eagerly for ur p;oem.
    take care sis
    ur sister.
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