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  • Oh no, sis. I am not even remotely happy.. who would be?
    My sister is not here yet. The university hasn't confirmed yet when they will open up the colleges.. so there is no use of her coming here. Its takes much time to come from Pindi to Quetta..

    I am so terribly sorry about your sister. I hope she is okay..:(
    That was quite unexpected.. a blast at the women's cafe.... Astaghfirullah.
    I was so disguted by the television reporters who ere showing the pictures of female students.. they have absolutely no code of ethics!
    Assalamu alaykum baji.
    Lol! Congratulations! You got a few more days to study... :D
    My sister was besides herself with joy..;)
    Take care.
    Fee Imaan illah.
    :salam2: sry to bother you but can you translate this?

    khacray ka dabba app ka hua

    jazakAllah khayran :) and btw, are you in touch with sister saima? is she alright?
    Allah Kareem apko her maidan mein sab sey ooper rakhey ameen.And may u fulfill your family wishes ameen.waisey exam kaunsa hy?i mean what feild?
    take care.
    your sister
    dear misbah how are u?
    i am alhamdulillah fine.
    kuch masroofiat aisi hoo gaye thi keh comp ke liye time hi nhy nikalta tha.
    i miss u too.aap ki poetry kaisi ja rahee hy?
    miss ur pyaari poetry alot.
    apna khayal rakhye ga.
    eid mubarak
    Wa alaykum Salaam My Dear Misbah

    Apologies for this incredibly late reply. Been quite sick so its kind of slowing me down. Also, my TTi account hasnt been working for over five months now, occasionally, I am lucky. Alhamdulillah Ramadhan was good, as I hope was for you. I pray you had a good Eid too. Dear Misbah, my duas are always with you. May Allah remember you as you remember me. :)

    Allah Hafiz, lots of love, Mesbah
    Asslam'u Alykum sister,

    Hope you having good time, Insha'Allah. Don't feel Alone on this awesome occasion, Insha'Allah.

    May Allah accept your fasts. Ameen.

    WHERE ARE YOU??!! :(:(:(:(
    WAllahi sis missing you so much

    hope EVRYTHING is okii
    love u tc x x x

    *no smilies for you until u reply to this msg :p*
    As-salaamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu wa maghfiratuhu!

    This is to all my sweethearts :)


    May Allah reward you all with the best reward. jazakAllah khair katheer for always being there for me and hearing me out. You guys ROCK!!
    I truly and honesy hope to meet you guys in this duniya. If not, then in the Aakhira! Ameen

    Take care my darlings
    Make dua for me please, i am in dire need of your pious duaas.

    Your Sister Asmaa

    x x x

    P.S sister Muslimah86 i hope u dont mind me "borrowing" ur idea :D
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