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  • :wasalam: wr wb,

    Asuu wasuu kashuu lol, I'm okay how about you? What you up to these days?

    Fee amaanillaah <3 xox
    lol yea before everyone jumps us InshALlah nhn aisa kuch nhn ho ga anywayz i got exms starting this friday so please make loads n loads of dua for me, so that i do well on the exams really need to.
    lol loling :p wheneever everything is serious in life you still gotto love it : )
    take care i might be really busy so bas sohbat ka asar nhn ho sake ga lol
    u tc as well
    walaikum salam
    lol mein order nhin kar raha :p lakin kar bhi sakta hon aur i know :D tum meri baat mana nhn karti so InshAllah please listen to it its for the best
    May ALlah (swt) guide us all - ameen
    walaikum salam
    Assalamuuu aliakuum sis!

    that's what I want to say! I miss you! Asmaa! ukhtii <3 where are you?!
    huggie :D
    Mashallah its nice to hear that you are learning Urdu.

    My family went to Pakistan this summer, except me and my elder brother. So when they came back, i baby sister was speaking fluent Urdu. Matter of fact sometimes i asked her to translate certain words for me in Urdu. So you know a trip to Pakistan will make it perfect for you.
    My younger sister who got married over the summer, she and her husband are staying in Pakistan. So whenever i call her she speaks English....but alhamdolillah i can say that my Urdu is better than many brothers and sisters here.
    The only thing i have to work really hard is to learn Pashtoo. I can't speak it. I know some basic broken one.. So i guess i gotta take pushtoo classes for dummies. :)
    hey sis muslimah, assalamu alaikum. hope u r doing well ukhti, aww i am sooo happy for you sweety, mabrook. may Allah make everything go well for u dear and my u enjoy ur life.

    good luck sis
    :wasalam: wr wb,

    Lol, hehe. I got rid of one someone gave for my brother because once he had nazr. I think I threw it in the bin or something. I don't want my bro to grow up and believe in this shirkified stuff because then he'll be reeeeally confused with deen and culture.

    Glad you're smiling sis. :-D

    What you up to these days?
    oh 2011 and I am replying late :p
    ahahaha......u have to get used to the "I know it all attitude of mine" LOL!!
    oh I forgot u didnt speak that much of a Urdu ma bad gurlie :)
    its main tumse pyaar karti hoon...I remember one of my friends tellin me that :D
    and dont crack up on janu...thats my favorite word K :p:p
    ahaha...cheesy is how I do it.....:D:D better get use to that
    why do u write like a dude....*bro it didnt quite happen* lol.....I AM A SISTER!!! :p:p
    I hope u found something dear sis...I know hw frustrating it can get sometimes. Subhana'Allaah!!
    you're always in my duas dear sis !!! always :D
    love you "janu" bwahahahahaha
    May Allaj bless you tooo ukhtii!!! <3 :*

    Really gooooooood to hear from you again, may Allah keep this relationship of two muslim sisters loving each other for the sake of hiim! :)

    Yeah come on it, and lets talk on there ;)
    hehe I remember, no u didn't tell any naughty things u called ME naughty!!!! ahhaahah :D :D
    loool I love you too very much!
    and really glad to hear from you again! <3 MWaah Huggies

    wassalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu!
    ahaa...mashallah aap ko shadi advance main mubarak hoon.

    Hopefully all goes well.

    May Allah make this futuristic couple happy ameen.

    Aur sunnao shadi kay baad Pakistan main rehna hain??
    Wa'alikum al salaaaaaam warahmatulahi wabarakatuh!

    My sister, tears came to my eyes as I saw your message.. I realised how much I actually miss you sister!

    How are you? where have you been for so long sister?! Your not even so much om msn anymore..:(

    :* hope you are in the best health and iman sis! <3 I love you for the sake of Allah

    Naughty sis ;) haha you remember!!!

    wassalaaam Allah bless you! :D
    :salam2: wr wb,

    Did you find any other good things in the sale? I only brought a scarf, ring, purse and hoodie, but OnLy the purse was on sale (£2 :p and no it's not from the market, it's from new look haha).

    Is your whole family moving there or is it just you? Man, that would be hard to move to a different city. My dad was considering moving us to a town called Dewsbury in West Yorkshire I think because he said it has a good Muslim community and they have places for my brother to learn Islam. But I told him to just send my brother there :p I would hate to move from my city. It's where I was born, I've lived here all my life. I bet you're gna miss Leicester :( Aww..

    I'm gna start my driving lessons this year iA. Can't wait, it's gna be awesome. :)

    LOL @the nutella. Exactly how many jars did you throw in the basket (I mean trolly ahahaha :p )

    Take care sis xx
    Wa 'Alaykum salaam wr wb,

    Yay finally they're over. Happy for you sis, inshaAllaah you will get high grades.

    I went shopping today with my mate. I saw a lot of places where they had sales, so I bought a few things. And then tmrw iA gna go again with my mate but to some other part of of the city. It's gna be well busy so I have to meet her early in the morning. Can't wait man.

    Jazakillaahu khayran for the du'aa. I would of asked for a job at your madrassa but it's all the way up Leicester (sp?). Btw, why is your home city spelt like Leicester and not Lester? :p

    Aww yeah spend as much time as you can with your family coz ovi your gna miss them a lot after marriage, it ain't gna be the same.

    And I don't have two weeks holiday, I go back to uni on February .. So yeahh :p lol.
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