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  • Ahan, seems like he has already made up his mind [without examining things]. Anyways may Allah swt guide us all to the straight path.
    oh but i can see your case, i read your thread about evolution, just try to get it higher, but i got to worry about uni thats why i complain :D and i hope i am, because not really much about science or anything of this nature is ever said, people just keep re-stating about terrorism and whats happening in middle east :(
    Salamulikum warahmatulla e wa barakatu, how is your life brother? Me and my dear brother ayman1 are talking about my aspiration and stuff on this short of mini message wall and also i was about to do an essay on documentary called "Relegulous" and asked if i should just disagree and protect Islam or protect all religions or should i change the subject and yeah...i might start a thread of String Theory and such :) Keep you posted brother, so what about you? hows semester 2? I messed up 2 physics quiz because i rushed or over thought...but for my calc test i got a 96 :( why no 100 :(
    wa 'alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu akhi

    BarakAllaahu feek for remembering me in your passing. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well inshaAllaah.

    My exams are bad :( I couldn't get 100 percent :( I have to get 91 and above for all clases this semester if I want to get accepted into Aerospace :( and my computer hasn't been fixed yet and also im an official adult my birthday past this 5th of FEB. :D
    Wa'alykum as salam dear bro,
    Alhmd I'm doing gud,n as I told u currently m in UAE,in search of a job so not getting enuf tym to cum onl9,I just hope that ur making du'a for me so that I can get 1 good job soon.
    thnx for remembering me dear,
    take care,
    The scholars not talking about it by the way - was in reference to issues regarding the location of Dajjaal - Ya'juj and Ma'juj etc... there are a few things which are related to us from the ahadeeth, but beyond them we should be careful not to say anything as this exact knowledge has not been revealed to us.

    You can check out the following links if you want (brother True_Sultan too if he is interested - there's some really good information in some of the questions):

    Location of Dajjaal

    Signs of the Day of Judgment

    BarakAllaahu feek =)

    wa 'alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    JazaakAllaah khayr for your understanding brother; sometimes that is one of the most difficult things to receive. I must correct you though in saying that my knowledge truthfully is very limited, there are many things I dont know and have yet to learn, so dont feel that way akhi. We have to spend and utilize our efforts as best as we can everyday to gain knowledge and arrive at a correct and truthful understanding inshaAllaah.

    That being said, the issue with the thread, as I said to brother True_Sultan, was more towards the extent of the conspiracy theories - which was spiraling a bit wayward. It's good to be wary, but to be constantly skeptical and be engulfed by these issues may bring more harm than good. Allaah knows best.
    I agree, we should recreate a thread for which we have to give proof, but our theories aren't that bad, i just don't have time to give u the solid data, i have exams, also brother pray for me, i didn't study well ( iwas busy with chem and math) that my buisness exam wasn't a perfect score. So please pray for me that Allah will protect me and give me the knowledge i need to get 100 on both my chem and math exams :)

    Peace brother :D
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