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  • Aaw jazakAllah im glad you dont mind!!

    true say, nimah is a great blessing.
    i pary Allah gives you good helath and barakah in yout life. Aameen
    Asalam alaykum sister hope you are in the best of health and eeman in sha Allah!

    I am okay sister =D just at work now and things are getting pretty mundane :p How are you sister? Do tell me! Keep in touch

    :salam2: sis
    finally vacation is over and new sem started this week.insaha allah everything is fine, and I am doing well.I could not visit TTI that often like before, cox I have so much to do now.ah.I'm feeling really sick,cox today i skined a human who was so fresh.,i mean he was dead,but still,he lookes alive,:(
    salaam sis.loved ur request.
    hope u r in best of wat about the surgery you were told to do??.hope ther is any alternative way,,,,,,,insha allah everyhtngs gonna be fine.
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