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  • Indeed we are alhamdulillah. Btw you can go pray Tahajjud, just about the right time it will take for you to finish by then fajr starts inshallah :D
    WOW mashallah 10 juz :O thats good alhamdulillah, sounds like you have a greater job to do sister :) May Allah make it easy upon you, ameen. If you ever want me to talk to your brothers I will do so, whenever, where ever inshallah. If need be I will take 10 brothers to back up as well ;) But inshallah not a problem any problem arises, let me know, and Inshallah I will talk to anyone :) This is what your brothers and sisters in islam are there for, alhamdulillah :)
    Inshallah looks like there is a lot of teaching for you to do today, just send your dad around here, I will give him a very long khutbah :p hehe But inshallah looks like you have to be the torch of your family. So your family's hereafter will be blamed on you depending on how well you help them. And remember Prophet Muhammed sallallahu alaihy wa salam started his dawah with his family first and then close friends then relatives and then public. So you have a great dawah course to host in your very house inshallah :p
    Well alhamdulillah you do get the oppurtunity to wake up for fajr, but you will feel the beauty of Fajr salah, when you struggle to wake up. Since your not a boy its ok for you, but the other struggle is making your way to the masjid. But you help your brothers or father do this if their not inshallah :) But yeah its not great to have a habit like that, because even when i sleep late and manage to wake up for fajr, I go back to sleep and end up waking up so late, that I miss EMA for that week :p Haven't got EMA for the past 3 months :( No wonder I'm so broke :p
    Yeah heard of central, Alhamdulillah great place for the sisters to go, colleges like leyton sixth form and tower hamlets etc. are lot more corrupt due to the mixed environment. Alhamdulillah barakah from Allah :) Yeah its opposite to many of my friends's house haha :p I thought of going Kings but its too far for me and Qmul is the closest and its got a very good islamic society, alhamdulillah. Btw its 2.30 what are you doing up awake??? Your meant to go sleep, and before you say the same thing back to me, I know i must this is my first time and I know i will end up not waking up for fajr, so decided to stay awake and pray inshallah.
    Eastham... Inshallah wishing to go mile end this year at Queen mary haha :) But i go to a college in leyton, leyton sixth form! I am guessing you go tower hamlets :p
    I done my Maths A level last year, done AS chem and now doing A2 physics and Further maths alhamdulillah. So if you got doubts in maths you know who to come to inshallah feel free to ask any help and Im assuming your 1st year...

    (I posted the above message on my own page by mistake, hehe :p)
    Wa alaikkumus salam wa rahmathullah, no probs :) Haha I had to be honest, Talk talk is pretty crap, I remember my uncle who used to complain to me about talk talk all the time and now he got O2, and then I got O2 myself :p Do u go college btw?
    Salamu alaikkum sister, hope your fine inshallah, Your using Talk Talk broadband :O, c'mon sister, you need to change :p Go onto O2 ;) Btw I'm sure you got a free laptop with it as well :D (I couldn't resist posting after seeing your desktop on some thread)
    im good Alhamdulillah :) JazakAllah khai for asking.. :) how are you?
    Im going to revise now so wish me luck inshaAllaah :)

    please excuse me...
    talk to you soon inshaAllaah :)
    Assalamu Alaikkum:)
    how are you sister? I tried to catch you yesterday but you ran away.:girl3:
    insha allah today or tomorrow will meet. take care.
    salaam alaikom dear sister

    i am really happy of the way you try to make people cheer up when they are sad especially "express your mood" i just like your replies so much mashAllah .

    may Allah keep you on the right path and rewrad you with jannat al ferdous ameen

    dont forget me in your dua
    AAmee... please excuse me sister... i have to go and do some cooking

    **rolling up her sleeves**

    Ill send you some ... no worries :)
    take care make dua for me...
    Loll... no worries....... :)
    you're really coool too :) im glad i met you... :D

    May Allah bless you and keep you happy alwayz.. :)
    Loll....... you have permission right?! Loll :)
    i accept the smilies .... :)

    these are for you :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    cheesy smiles!
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