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  • oh lol the pm gave it awat....*hmm* need to be more careful with my words lol :D
    Aaww sisetr you are soo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeett mashaAllah. :) *hug*
    i know its good to be back :) i didnt really go if u think about it lol. n ppl are still posting on that thread and im like *biting my fingernails* lol. :D

    Hope everything works out well inshaAlah :)
    Wht me up 2? urm.. nothing really talking to you n thast about it lol. Wuu2? :)
    oh phew..! i was thinking how do i translate... bakheeli n kanjusi lol :D
    Sorry i js read ur previous msg now so i just posted it before posting this msg. now when i post this msg u wud hav already posted the next msg. im a msg behind lol :D :D

    Lots of love....u really care for me that much..?! something sounds fishy here.. alright alright.. what do you want from me.. :D llol

    Take care
    how do you know its 'Muslimah16'..? just curious? :) yes it is me :)
    ur okish...? how cumz.. sum1 been bullying you.. right..thats it.. *rolls up sleeves*

    LoOOOoool :D
    lol.... too many hugs might just cause suffocation.. let me warn you.. :tongue:

    LoOoOooll.. :D
    i always give hus.. other people are just kanjoos and do bakheeli with their love :D :D
    u know urdu :confused:
    You just realised....?! :confused:
    So,this is how much i mean to you.. blah blah blah. :D :D

    LooOoOoll.. it happenes sister no worries. :)
    Yes, Alhumdulillah i am well how are you?
    JazakAllah khair for the pm ukhti.. ur the best *hug*
    :salam2: dear sister

    Thank you so much for your kind welcome sister and kind words always.:)

    I have been missssssssssssing you too wallahi:hearts::hearts:

    Alhamdulilah dear sister I have came back for Allahs sake,Islaam and me and ofcourse for other brothers sisters too,and for you too dear sister Mashallah.:hearts:

    May Allah bless you dear sister with His mercy.Ameen.:tti_sister::tti_sister:

    salaaaaam ya ukhti :)

    alhamdulilah i am as good as ever...although i have revison to do :D lol
    yehhh seems like i'm everyone's role model...subhanallah :) i sometimes wonder why....LOL

    how are you?? i been missssing you...
    *brotherly hug*


    alhamdulilah im good..hope to chat to you soon inshaAllah..
    yehh i kno its hard to come online when you got school and stuff...but stay in touch ukhti..

    wassalaam :D :D
    salaam ukhti...

    how you doing? pray you are in the best of health and imaan...
    take care..keep smiling :D


    i just been revising and needed a break so i thought i'l click on TTI for a while lol...
    yehh i kno same here...

    so much revison to do as well...may allah swt make it easy inshaAllah...

    so what you up to anyway? :)
    alhamdulilah im good as well

    yehhhhh i will be back to school and back to madrassa on monday...
    how bout back to school on monday?
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