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  • I'm good sister. :) How are you! You know it's been a long time... Hope you and your family in the best stage of health.
    I think sometimes mess ups have blessings in them as well. He may have not listened to you before but now he may be more aware of what he is doing and how you feel about it. Next time things get worst, just stick up for yourself a little and demand he treats you like an adult human much less a daughter.
    Of course he won't talk to you, you just called the cops on him. For now just keep to yourself and let everyone calm down and then see how things go.
    Salam alaykum

    I miss lil nom nom

    ah true. well all you can do is give them exposure to it a little at a time and make dua for their guidance. You could watch some together, like PBS Islam: Empire of faith and listen to lectures like khalid yasin's purpose of life-
    So are you the only revert in your family then sis? what appt did you miss, see these forums can be addictive :D
    eww you have a dog at home, you know having one prevents angels of mercy from entering your house, as well as you loose a certain amount of reward each day you have them. other than that, i think it's animal cruelty making poor animals wear clothing, they already with a fur you know :)
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