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  • W/slm my Darling friend!!!

    how are you?? I missed you so much!

    I tried to PM you but your inbox was full! ALLAH shukr you contacted me!!! I'm so very happy!
    hugsssssssssssss lol
    i was going to get angry on u lol.but i saw u have replied on ur own vm lol.
    answer me on my vm so that i know that u have lol
    Ukthi I miss you too, I see you have a lot of beautiful pictures on your VM page:D Anyway, I'm sorry for not being online these days. I'll make it up to you insha Allah.
    Salam ukhti, I'm doing okei alhamdoullillah. Sorry I couldn't call but I was a bit busy as you said. A lot is going on at the moment since I'm a senior. I will try to call you these days insha Allah....
    Sister Neena (ya allah madad)!!!! I Love you so much, gotta run again lol classes heehe Al_Kashmirir yay, I'm forgiven!! Okey dokey *checks list* lol mashallah thanks bro. I Love you all 4 the sake of ALLAH alone!! :)
    asalamualaikum dearest sister,
    i am so happy to have u back and hope inshallah everything is easy for u now r u doing?
    its been ages since i talked to u.
    i missed u N LOTS OF HUGS.
    Alhamdulillaah you feel free of guilt. Ok, if you insist then I'll bear that in mind from now on. By the way, aren't you suppose to post VMs to people on their pages and not your own? I had no idea you replied. Jazaakillaahu khayran, you too.

    lol that's great! Allahu Akbar! Yippee! Ooh cool! Forgivnesss is awesome! I feel better now alhamdulilah. No, you did nothing wrong I'm just crzy in the head LOOOOOOOL :) :) take care borther, have a great day everyone :)
    As-salaamu `alaykum

    Respected sister, it's very nice of you to apologise, but you didn't need to because I already forgave you. I wasn't angry or upset, I just wanted you to understand where I was coming from. And that you did understand, so all praise is to Allaah!

    I should've taken more care in my post, so that confusion of this sort isn't created. So pardon me please. Anyway, I pray everything is good on your ends. Thanks for the apology.

    We'll talk Manal....I love you are all my family and I thank Allah for granting me Islam and an entire family...please, I love you all.... :(
    Salam ukhti, my phone and internet are connected. the thing is my internet was gone for a while, I will be calling you today insha Allah.
    PS: Why are you scared? Did something happen?...Tell me when I call you today.
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