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    Putting up posters of masjids...

    Aslaam sister What a beautiful image of our madinah (sallahu alaihi wa-sallam), Just brings memories and i wish i can be there again. My sister, i personally cannot see any problems with this image being framed in your home, the picture has very small detail and does not show a picture of...
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    Shahadah question.

    Dearest brother Aslaam Alaikum Firstly I congratulate you on choosing the beautiful and blessed religion of islam and wish you a successful journey on the Sirat al-Mustaqim (The straight path) and may Allah swt guide u along your progression and increase your iman (Faith). Shahadah in my...
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    need to clarify about music

    I case you have issues with the url above, here is the details of the artcle for you..... Music and Singing: A Detailed Fatwa Answered by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari Question:Music and Singing: A detailed fatwa Answer: In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful...
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    need to clarify about music

    Salaam Sister This link may help you in-sha-allah http://qa./issue_view.asp?HD=1&ID=1786[/url] please type in s.u.n.n.i.p.a.t.h.c.o.m after the letters qa. (don't forget the full stop after the letters qa so it should be qa.) and leave the rest of the url how it is... for some reason...
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    How we can get through hardships and trials in our lives

    Aslaam alaikum Your thread subhanallah is so beautiful, it has left me speechless, it is faultless. Its perhaps one of the best things,the best advice i have read. MAY ALLAH REWARD YOU IMMENSELY. AMEEN
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    Zakat confusion for wiFe

    Aslaam Alaikum saadbin This is a very interesting question and i will give you my judgement on this. you will need to calculate your zakat for the lunar year and pay that off accordingly. As for your wifes situation, although she is not working at the moment, You as a husband CAN pay that...
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    Accusations in Islam

    Aslaam Alaikum First we must all refrain from accusing others unless we have not seen somethig with our own eyes. We cannot take the testimony of others because we haven't seen it ourselves. May Allah swt guide us all and forgive us. The punishment indeed is 80 lashes.
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    Salaam brother shak Im really sorry to hear your story, i know it must have been hard growing up not knowing your father well, Ive been also messed around with my visitation especially since i was travelling 215 miles to see my prince. I hope and pray in the first place you dont even think...
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    Salaam brother Ahsen Without backbiting on my ex and i wont describe bad events but id just say my ex was very obsessed with me, Id say she was very insecure as she always felt i was with other women. May Allah forgive me for the type of person who i was before but i was a guy smartly dressed...
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    Jazakkalah my dear brother May almighty Allah be very pleased with you and everyone...AMEEN
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    What would you do if they asked you this ???

    Aslaam Alaikum First of all may Allah swt reward you for your intention to help someone, just your thought for helping someone has gained you thawab. I do agree with brother Muhammad, these days there are all sorts of huge bombs people make out and they want u to feel sympathy for them. If we...
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    Aslaam Alaikum This is a very sensitive issue for me as im sure it is for many parents who are going through this but i would love to get opinions from you pious people mashallah Why do women use children as a weapon against the fathers after a break up? Or father's using the children...
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    Jazakallah brother I did what you wrote today in my taraweeh salah and i had loads of problems but did not go and repeat my salah, i did tawbah to Allah swt and said i am fighting the shaytan so plz forgive me...Ihope this is good and Allah swt accepts mine and yours efforts...Ameen
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    In need of major dua

    Salaam May Allah swt eleviate all ur diffucultys, create peace for you and your family, Make this dunya and wal akhirah easy for you and your family, My Allah swt make your difficulties much easier in-sha-allah, May Allah swt make everything easy for the ummah of our beloved messenger pbuh in...
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    Waslaam I just want to break out of this and go back to how iwas when i was reading salah with a smle on my face, these days, im depressed because salah is of a great importance to me, i would like to know how people cope with this.