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  • walaikumu salam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh
    how u doin sis?
    alhamdulilah am doin fine
    i hope u doin well
    yea its been a long time
    i miss u lotzzz ukhti :)
    take care sumaya
    Allaicomu saalam my heart Sumaya:hearts:

    I am fine Alhamdulilalh dear sister.Alhamdulillah everything is fine:)
    Thank you very much sister for asking about me.Wallahi that is so kind of you.May Allah bless you sister

    Inshallah my exams will began soon.Keep me in your daus Inshallah.:tti_sister:

    How are you dear sister???Inshallah you are fine too.Ameen

    May Allah bless you sister

    Asalamu alaykum sis i fine thaks for asking how are you sis hope everything is cool with you too:cool:
    Wa alaykumu salam :hearts:
    Haha no worries :) How would you know anyways that my name is not Asha ;)

    I am good too alhamdulillah :) Alive and kicking hehe. Anyway, I am currently residing in Australia. I heard that there lots of Muslims in London? I wish the same for here :(
    Haha dear sister, Asha is not my real name :) Shahirah is my real name! Anyway, I hope you are in the best of health and imaan insyaAllah! Take care please :D

    Your ukhti :)
    Salaam sister,

    Is sumaya your real name? Because I love it alot :) Anyway, I like your signature -> pray before it is prayed over you .. hehe! So true!!

    Asha :)
    Assalamu alaikum dear sister.
    Oh, you don't need to apologize at all... :)
    Alhamdulillah, its good to know that you are alright. may you always stay healthy and happy. Ameen
    oh.... seems like you and I are in the same boat :) lots of work and no rest! anyways I sincerely hope that your work will finish soon and then you can finally enjoy your holidays..:)
    I will InshaAllah remember you in my prayers,
    Please do make a dua for my tough exams.
    may Allah bless you.
    ur sister,
    salaam alikom dear sister
    thank you for asking . i am doing good alhamdulillah . i hope you are too .
    keep in touch dear sis .
    take care
    Salaam Sister

    just passin by... lol i thought al leave u message hehe :)
    hope ur in good health and imaan
    keep smiling :)

    Wa alaikum us Salam sister.:SMILY139:
    I am SO sorry that i could not keep touch with you......actually i was and am busy with my exams..Hope you will forgive me!:shymuslima1:
    I am Alhamdulillah fine. How are you sister??
    JazakAllah Khair for asking.:hearts:

    P.S: oh, I do hope you found the meaning of your name!
    Walaikumu salam sis
    long tim no c :)
    alhamduliah am doin gooood
    hope you doin well insha'Allah
    take care
    salaam alaikom dear sis
    where are you ? why dont you ask about me now i am sad . no just kidding i hope you are doing fine sis and i hope to hear from you .
    take care salaaaaaaaaaaamz
    jazkahllah for the request sis.
    hope everythng is great in ur are 16 and it just make me jealous,i never wanted to be above 18. i alws wanted to be 18.u r still younger.and m so old.
    21 and will turn 22 at end of this yr.:(
    JazakAllah for dropping by :)
    Yeah alhamdulilah i am good. Just been a teeny weeny bit ill and kinda stressed and stuff.
    Just make dua for me, and take care of yourself.
    Wa alaykassalam.
    Ameen to your duas sister.
    I will pray for you too InshaAllah.
    hope you are doing fine. Take care. wassalam.
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