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Assalamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters!

It has been a long time since I have been thinking to share something with all my muslim brothers and sisters here.

I know Dawah (inviting to Islam) is an islamic obligation, but why do it to the extent of desperation?

Some ignorants even make fun of our brothers and sisters who try to do Dawah and that is not pleasant to witness.

You see, Islam is not so cheap to impose it on people. If someone feels the need for it, they will accept it happily. All we should do is to make the teachings of Islam clear to those who want to know and leave the rest to the individuals concerned and to the will of Allah. Allah (SWT) loves qality of muslims, not qantity.

Precious things are not sold cheap.



Hubbi Li Rabbi
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Akhi...let me tell you..sobhanallah..you expressed a thought of mine that I've had for a long while!..and mashallah you put it in a wonderful manner..baraka Allaho feek!

And I am in constant wonderment as you are..I really don't know why we make *some* non-Muslims feel as if Islam will tremble..fall and cease to exist if they don't accept it..even though *often* it's *very apparent* that they are not here to *learn it* (at least that!..not even *accept it*..no no..just *learn it*)..But like you said we still persist in interacting with them to the *embarssing* (if I may add) extent of desperation..a lot of times..I see them developing this sense of superiority after a few discussions..and its all due to the *begging* and *persistance* displayed by fellow Muslims..it seems that they begin to view all those trying to do all that good at a level even *lower* than that of Christian missionaries even!..

Finally..I'll just quote the last couple sentences you wrote:

All we should do is to make the teachings of Islam clear to those who want to know and leave the rest to the individuals concerned and to the will of Allah. Allah (SWT) loves qality of muslims, not qantity.

I think we need to bear this in mind for the good of Islam..and the good of ourselves..and Jazaka Allaho Aj-Jannah akhi!



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As-salaamu'Alaykum wa'Rahmatullaah,

Indeed, if Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta'aala) wills that someone be guided, then there is nobody who can misguide him.

And if Allaah wills that some be misguided, then there is nobody that can guide him.

You are correct, the best we can do is present ourselves in the best way possible through our actions and guarding our tongue although we are still obliged to tell those that do not know about Islaam or are devoid of knowledge in relation to some issues. For example, there are some people who hardly know anything about Islaam and if they do, sometimes what they may believe, maybe false and nothing to do with Islaam!

No doubt, then it is upon us all to call them to Tawheed and answer any queries. And opportunities tend to present themselves through increased media exposure of Muslims so we should Insha'Allaah correct misconceptions with knowledge and gentleness. (As you mentioned, not going into something that maybe disliked or even haraam. In the end it comes back to having knowledge, gentleness and patience.)

Again though it comes back to whoever Allaah guides, because if a person asks questions and seeks to learn more about Islaam, then Insha'Allaah he/she will see the beauty of this way of life.

Jazaaka'Allaahu Khayr.

Walaykum-us-Salaam wa'Rahmatullaah.


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Thank you for the reminder.This was one of the good posts that we need.You said it very well.The best way to convey your massage is to act on it.

Muhammad Saleh

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We should not be nagging people and forcing them to believe in islam, but never miss the chance to help people realize the beauty of islam any way possible. if you are a practicing muslim then people would definilty ask you some question about islam or seek your opinions on various issues and this would help you spread the message of islam without making them realize that you are doing da' wa.
People resist initialy when you talk to them about islam or you might even end up having a heated disscusion but i am sure you make them realize that there is another way of looking at things. this might insigate them to search out more about islam.
i was the first one who started practicing islam in my circle of friends. whenever i talked to them about islam they found it kind of boring or very alien to their way of living. they used to make fun out of me and avoided my company. their attitude brought me closer to Allah and helped me become a better muslim. i never gave up convincing them that the eternal success lies in submitting your will to Allah. i know i was not doing da' wa properly but with the time i became more empathic. i always believed that if Allah can guide a person like me than He would definitly guide others as well. it took me a long time but now they are even better muslims than me. when i look back now, i realize that it was persistent way of doing da' wa whic has helped me strengthen my faith.

we do da' wa out of compassion. we want everyone around us to live a peaceful life. there could be different ways of da' wa not neccessarily just by lecturing them but we should be always concerned about helping everyone around us to become the true servant of Allah. by doing so we can put check on our own desires. we cant preach others what we dont practice.


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Assalam aliekum

I will tell you the basics of how I came to Islam - it had nothing to do with people coming to me and encouraging me. It was very simple - seeing Muslims live Islamic lives; that led me to read and research myself.

Seriously, the best dawah a Muslim can do is to live a life worth emulating.