My brother, the islamist


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Assalamu alykum,

Did anyone watch "My brother the islamist" on bbc3 today? Those of you who didn't it was about a non-muslim man who was trying to genuinely understand why and how his step brother who he was so close with, became not only Muslim but a Muslim that was quite - and I hate to use this word but don't really know what other adjective to use - extreme. For example, he said to his brother that he shakes the hand of non-muslim's including his brother's with his left hand as that is the hand he uses to clean himself with after he uses the toilet, but with muslims, with his right hand. He also called himself an islamist and called other muslims moderate muslims. He said watching football was a sin and only doing the sports of what the Prophet saw did such as horseriding, archery and swimming was halal. He said we shouldn't talk to non-muslims as we might become like them unless you're doing dawah and told his brother that he was speaking to him just for dawah.

However, Alhamdulillah he was very proactive in doing dawah which was enlightening to see but some of the stuff he was saying out loud on tv was a bit out of the ordinary. He did seem very peaceful though and wasn't violent or anything.

I'm just confused as to what he was saying. Was he right to say that to his brother who was really hurt by those comments about the handshake and the dawah? Because he meant it. I just don't think it is. Won't those sorts of comments and actions drive people further away? And why is football haram?

Did anyone watch the programme?



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with his left hand as that is the hand he uses to clean himself ??
He said watching football was a sin and only doing the sports of what the Prophet saw did such as horseriding, archery and swimming was halal. He said we shouldn't talk to non-muslims as we might become like them unless you're doing dawah and told his brother that he was speaking to him just for dawah.

the above action make it sound like he doesn't understand islam at all.
no basis for the hand shaking whatsoever. Football? in itself is not haram.
This guy doesn't know anything about da'wah, allah instructed us to call people and make da'wah in a wise manner not like this.

He need to be taught and corrected.


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I have never seen it, I live in the US but insha'Allah i will try to find it.

JAZAKALLAH and Wasalaam :D


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:wasalam: wr wb,

It's on repeat now.

May Allaah guide the brother. I think I've seen him with Al-Muhajiroon... Maybe that's why he has extreme views?


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sure you can watch it. just connect to proxy server and the iplayer will think you are in the UK. I use proxy server for services in US and UK when I am abroad so I can watch the programmes I dont want to miss. Just google UK proxy servers to find it insha'Allah.


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i watched the documentary 3rd part and except for the handshake and anjem chaudahry lecture i cant see where exactly they mistreat him tbh. The modern definition of extreme should be changed

extreme = things you dont agree with


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It is amazing how the BBC and CNN and FOX are able to find such "extreme" Muslims but miss so many real, ordinary and good Muslims.

As far as the converted brother is concerned, I don't know where he got all those ideas. Someone must be feeding it to him, because what he was saying is no where to be found in Islam. Actually the Sunnah of our Prophet Mohammad :saw: is very clear that how love and respect he showed to all people Muslims and non-Muslims alike. If He :saw: showed this kind of behaviour then no one would have joined Islam.

But still the amazing thing is that how the BBC and CNN and FOX etc find these crazy people. Why these guys cannot find the missing people?



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Alhamdulilah I think that Ben, the younger revert in the film is blessed to have a mother who is so understanding and supportive. There are many people who revert to Islam who loose not just their friends but also their entire family. Insha'Allah she will be guided to Islam also. One of the most difficult things I deal with every day being a revert is worrying about my family not believing in Allah(swt) and not following his deen, something people from a muslim household never have to think about.


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Assalam Alaikum:

As a Muslim (revert) I would never see my family members heading towards hell. I preach them Islam with wisdom but even than many a times confrontations spring up. Once my younger brother came very close to being a Muslim. In meanwhile a group of Muslim preachers requested me that they want to preach Islam at my home to family members. I willingly agreed for the reason that my Dad was to his clinic,who otherwise hate sticking to a religion or propagating a religion. The group preached my family including my younger brother. The main orator in the group after finishing his Dawah,asked my brother as if he was convinced with their Dawah and truth of Islam. My brother hesitantly agreed to their preachings. Now the group encompassed my brother to pronounce Shahada at spot. My brother was stressing he needs more time to finally adhere to Islam. But the group kept on stressing him to pronounce Shahada now and then. Later the group departed from home with my brother left in dilemma. As all the preachers went away my brother said I would never accept Islam and now I am perfectly sure that you Muslims just want to increase your number to rule the world.



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Yeah, the EDL channels on youtube are trying hard to promote this lol, because they know it gives non-muslims a very bad impression on Islam.


salam alaikum warahamtu-llah

Neither I've watched nor I know, I'm just replying based on reading the 1st post, and of course not directed to anyone just a simple general reply to these kinda matters.

1stly: it might seems to be kinda 'extreme' to someone that to watch football haram or something.
who are saying or teaching us that these are forms of extremism?

2ndly: the halal is hard now a days, at the time of sahaba radhi Allahu anhum the haram was tough to follow, but now halal is tough for us to maintain. halal and haram are mixed so tightly, sad but true , that consequently we got to forbid the halal things so often.
but we should not be sorry for that, even some halal things are not being enjoyed by us, insha Allah we gonna have every thing in the Jannah, why to cry and whine. i would like to say, I'm quite happy to be like this, alhamdu li Allah.

3rdly: many of the things e.g. sports etc. have lost the main motive of playing. it is being wrapped by a colorful paper and being showed to us, but inside there is haram and some really stinky things and personal gains.

we should rather concentrate in our deen, in our ibadah, may Allah help us to be in the state of eeman

wabi-llahi fee tawfeeqi



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go to youtube sister , you could watch it over there

Thank you, for some reason that never crossed my mind to look there have no idea why though. I watched it last night and my observations are pretty simple. He isn't say that extreme in his views other then the shaking hands with non-Muslims with his left which is totally wrong. What I found that put me off him was the way he treated non-Muslims. He obviously feels he is better then they are and treats them like that. He is openly disgusted by them and make no attempts to even know anyone really w/out having that "I find you disgusting" attitude coming from him. I liked Ben, thought he was a wise kid for 17 and hope he keeps on the right path. May Allah guide them both in the way of Islam.


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ya i saw it it made me upset co myy family was watching it and i thought oh no...they ganna go against islam but my brothers wife came to me and said why are they acting like that and why are they not just peacefull like urself so i explained to her extreism and it was good dwah to her and now she understands islam more al7mdulilah


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I stayed up all night watching this wasn't worth it though... I hate how Salahudeen is so..hate to say "extreme" in his beliefs...what's up with the left-hand thing and not watching football..this gives a terrible depiction of Islam and Muslims. His stepbrother is most likely would never ever consider Islam..because of his little group. Very sad...