What's your degree or education background?


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I studied informatic until the 5th year of high school,then I've strted with another domain.now I'm studying medicine at the university.it's interesting to know how the body is made and how it works


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Salam Oualekoum Sisters and Brothers!!!

I've created this thread just to have a little overview of the different degrees or knowledge the members of this site have. I think some of you study law, science, medecine,mathematics, history, or religion (MashAllah) etc...

The Qu'ran is a incredible Book that deals with History, Law, Economics, Science, Geology, Biology, Sociology, Theology etc that's why I think our community must do the same. Allah wants us all, males and females, to seek knowledge, to learn, because the more we understand the world we live in, the more we know Allah, and the more we love Him INSH ALLAH!!!

So I'm going first :

I'm an Telecommunication Engineer, I started working a year ago after graduating with a master degree of science and telecommunication. I thank God for this.

May Allah guide us all.

Chief of Internal Medicine, Diabetologist & HIV Specialist.

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History degree that I don't use.

I started out undecided, then was a journalism major for a year before I changed majors. I didn't like being told what to write and how to write it.

History was the only class that I didn't skip or sleep through, plus I only had to take one math class as a history major.


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I have a BA joint honours degree in modern langages,and have almost completed online diploma in hotel management, have ten years\experience as an english teacher in international schools

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I am currently going to Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) and hopefully transfer to Grand Valley State University (GVSU) and get a B.A. in graphic design.

It's been a long journey and I still have far to go as I am only a part time student and have limited funding but insh'allah I will be able to get my degree soon!


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Asalamu Alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatu. :salam2:
A BA degree in Journalism and a Masters in it coming up inshallah.

make Duaa for me Brothers and Sisters, i need this job!
Jazakhallah, may Allaah Guide Us and keep us firm.


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I have done high school from Cambridge Dubai.Completed MCIPT from ms .CCNA and CCNP from cisco.Now currently joining institute for higher national diploma in Electronic and electrical engineering.May Allah help us in our present and future life Ameen.


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Salam aleikum,

Ok...i am licentiate in biology plus a certificat that i made the teaching module (i love this one, maybe i will practice) Also a diploma in accountancy (i hate this one but i have to make a living now :) )
Alhamdullilah for all


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I do have to say how amazed I am that over the years this thread has continued as i started on page one a few minutes ago and my eyes bugged out when i saw the date..
I started out as a criminal studies major... had to leave before i could finish.... long story
went back... through the community college first and then was working on an english lit/russian studies dual major. However, it didnt start out that way.... it started out psych and philosophy.. then went to english and asian history then to english and russian.
I left school, due to reasons in part beyond my control ..... I want to go back. bad thing is. I was a second year senior so close in english and russian both, but its been so long outside the russian that i have to change that part.... and i have no desire to really use the english degree if i got it. ( sigh )
inshallah I will make it back but when i am not sure of. I am sure that Allah (swt) has a plan for me and i am trying to be somewhat patient while i try and find out what i can do.
I too love to learn obviously. i was already taking grad classes in english... the bad thing is, I am not working in any way in that field ... i work in a call center for child support... which is a good job..... but not what i want for my career...


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I am studying for my GED which is like a high school diploma. I got sick so I did not finish it. Then InshAllah I want to study at KIU , It is a Online Islamic University and get my BA in islamic studies Inshallah

Salam aleikum wa rahmatulahy wa barakatuh,

Inchallah dear brother, you will make your studys.
Inchallah He will ease your sufferings, we are all here if you need something.
May Allah be with you:tti_sister:

current job title

I went to school to become a massage theropist(finished it), then medical assistant(didn't finish it. I couldn't get thru the material) and then to go into culinary(didn't finish it for financial reasons). I currently am privately studying, and I love studying religion(not just islam) and language (I'm addicted to the japanese and culture). one of the things I love to do is use my study of religion to further my(and others) understanding of my(or their) religion.
Currently I work at a place where many think it's haram. I started there when I was pagan, and they havefully accepted my conversion/reversion. that place is McDonalds(pray for me. I really need it)


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Assalamu 'alaykum

my education incudes working on an MBA, and presently 4th year BA in psychology with a minor in sociology. My goal is a PhD in research psychology Insha'llah.



salam from pakistan!
assalamo alaikum,
nice to see qualified muslim community here. may Allaah swt give us power and abilities to use this knowledge for the uplift of muslim ummah in particular and all the nations in general.
i have following degrees
1. DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)
2. M. Sc (Hons.) in Pharmacology and Toxicology
3. Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology
now a days i am working as assistant professor in pharmacology and toxicology in a university in Pakistan.
i am interested to work as faculty in saudi arabia and middle east universities.
can anyone help me finding job there.

Abu Talib

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Assalamu 'alaykum

my education incudes working on an MBA, and presently 4th year BA in psychology with a minor in sociology. My goal is a PhD in research psychology Insha'llah.



I have alot of interest in Psychology can you recommend some good books to start off with? I am trying to understand my own Psychology


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I have alot of interest in Psychology can you recommend some good books to start off with? I am trying to understand my own Psychology
Wa 'alaykum assalam

My interest in psychology is in the areas of abnormal psychology and neuropsychology, for a broad understanding of these topics I would recommend 'Abnormal Psychology Perspectives' author D.J. Dozois and 'Cognitive Neuroscience' author M.T Banich & R.J Compton. I'm not too sure what to recommend for your interests on self-understanding tho. If you wish to learn about personality, perhaps look into personality inventories such as the Big 5 factors, Hexaco Model, and work on authoritarian personalities. Also, social psychology provides a number of theories to understand individual's/groups behaviour dependant upon the context.

I apologize for not being able to direct you to better sources for what you are looking for.


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Alykum Salam

I can't say what I'm studying now but can say what I've done to make a living.

Ironworker, put the high steel together which is framework for large Bldgs in NY and NYC. during school and after, the money was great, began at 16.
Vietnamese Asian Vacation, Rifleman / Infantry
ARCO Oil refinery
Built (overseen construction of) 2 Nuclear plants from dirt to keys, assistant to General Contractor, took years to complete.
Installed the kitchen and eating areas in 90% of the Texas Wal-Marts, built office space, warehouse space and their Outdoor areas.
Capt on a 68' (foot) about 20-21 meters Longliner off Florida, fished for Grouper and Swordfish. Loved it the most of all.
Antique business while building houses.