Where do you live?


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I come from London, but live in Essex.

I'd love to visit some of the places the brothers and sisters come from..some are so so exotic!

I am from Essex too (Southend to be exact). Amazing to see brothers and sisters are all over the world, Alhamdulilah.


Always Alhamdulilah
Salam o alikom :D

Lolll is there anyone out there from DENMARK?!

otherwise- I Live in Denmark :D :D


ps. Really nice to know how many different places people here live! mashaAllah
Something makes us 1 family- WE ARE ALL MUSLIMS :D alhmdulilah taa'la!


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Salam'alykum wrwb

Well I am an Indian,to be more precise I am from Kashmir,the PARADISE ON EARTH,but at present live in Sharjah,UAE....

wasalaam alykum wrwb


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ِAllah mentioned the Arabic word of Egypt 4 times in Quran are as follow:
Chapter 10 "Jonah" "10.87": And We revealed to Musa and his brother, saying: Take for your people houses to abide in Egypt and make your houses places of worship and keep up prayer and give good news to the believers.
"12.21": And the Egyptian who bought him said to his wife: Give him an honorable abode, maybe he will be useful to us, or we may adopt him as a son. And thus did We establish Yusuf in the land and that We might teach him the interpretation of sayings; and Allah is the master of His affair, but most people do not know.
Chapter 12 "Yusuf" "12.99": Then when they came in to Yusuf, he took his parents to lodge with him and said: Enter safe into Egypt, if Allah please.
Chapter 43 "Ornaments of Gold""43.51": And Firon proclaimed amongst his people: O my people! is not the kingdom of Egypt mine? And these rivers flow beneath me; do you not then see?

The Arabic word of Egypt in the following verse means any land and does not mean Egypt:
Chapter 2 "The Cow""2.61": And when you said: O Musa! we cannot bear with one food, therefore pray Lord on our behalf to bring forth for us out of what the earth grows, of its herbs and its cucumbers and its garlic and its lentils and its onions. He said: Will you exchange that which is better for that which is worse? Enter a city, so you will have what you ask for. And abasement and humiliation were brought down upon them, and they became deserving of Allah's wrath; this was so because they disbelieved in the communications of Allah and killed the prophets unjustly; this was so because they disobeyed and exceeded the limits.

from Malaysia but settled in Cairo,Egypt

mashaAllah u a very knowledgeable to count that..
Anyway i form Malaysia too

ummi h

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Really? Which mosque is allowed to do that? My sister lives in London and she never told me any such thing. I've been to most parts of London myself, but didn't know that. Please do let me know.

By the way I live in beautiful Wales.


the only place i know where you can hear the atthan is east london masjid, whitechaple and also regent street masjid. however its not full blast volume just faint but you can hear it masha-Allah. i go there for friday's and eid prayers.....

maybe there is other places too?