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  • Man, I feel downright silly! You see brother, I have changed my "Avatar". Now I know the difference... looool,

    JazakAllaahu khayr, brother (this after months of wondering: why is my pic not changed yet!? Haha!)
    On the authority of Abu Said ra, who said that Rasulullaah saw said: "Let not any one of you belittle himself." They said: "O Rasulullaah saw, how can any one of us belittle himself?" Rasulullaah said: "He finds a matter concerning Allaah swt about which he should say something, and he does not say (it), so Allaah swt says to him on the Day of Resurrection: "What prevented you from saying something about such-and-such?" He says: "(it was) out of fear of people." Then Allaah swt says: "Rather, it is I whom you should more properly fear." - Hadith Qudsi, related by Ibn Majah with a sound chain of authorities.
    OHHHHHH (to the difference between DP and CP or PP or something). Hehe, no wonder the nikabi pic does not appear! *Slaps forehead*

    It's actually cave No. 1, my father is the chief tribe. LOL. Broadband? Neh, no biggie. It's modern world here, in spite of the grass outfit and leaf hat, we do keep up with society okay. Don't you look down on us cave people. (only difference is the cavewomen are hijabis, alhamdu lillaah looool).

    Nope, no arabic origin. Just been taking arabic lessons and progressing in at a ridiculous pace lol. I understand what you mean by being "shy" brother,

    sometimes when someone sneezes and say Alhamdu lillaah, I feel too shy to say "yarhamakullaah" loudly. Worst! When they dont even say Alhamdu lillaah (and I cant say yarhamakullaah to them), I'd just drop it. You know, these things which we ought to be mindful of.
    Dear brother, I might just be guilty of that! I hardly wish people well eman wise, in sha Allaah will start doing so. A good reminder, ma sha Allaah.

    Lol, now you are going to think I'm some cavemen not knowing what "PP" is! I thought it's powerpoint slides, oh well, maybe I am a cavemen. I see, Profile Pic, that makes sense :p I'm not sure which pic you see, the Bid3ah-Sunnah or the Nikabi? Cos I posted the Nikabi lady a long time ago yet it still does not appear in posts. Hmm.

    "Sin-gha-foorah" is the arabic for Singapore, brother. I'm not sure what the "so?" at the end of your message implies, but now you know! :D
    "Hope you are doing fine Insha'Allah, health and as well as Imanwise. "

    Health - check. Iman - check. Lool brother, what is "PP"?
    Hope you are good alhamdu lillaah in sha Allaah, health and eman.
    Alhumdulillah i am well too :)
    done with exams... i wish! loOoOoOoll... i hav one on wdnsdy and then break till june then exams again lol

    How about u bro?
    no worries, my pleasure cmn by
    Asslam'u Alikum bro,
    Oh, you didn't get the add invite on MSN?! Erm, you actually are on my list but when I click to open the chat window it takes me to internet page representing I can't send you an IM. Two possibilities: somehow my add invite wasn't sent but you were added in my list, or that you mistakenly haven't accepted the invite.
    Anyway, I'll add you again now. Insha'Allah.

    So, where are you from bro?
    No! Nothing like that, we are brothers - how could forget each other. It's just delays, and just that. By the way, I think I added you on MSN, didn't I?

    I am doing well, Alhamdulillah.
    Wa'alaykum salaam,

    BarakAllah feek, im sure it will come in use inshaAllah Ta'ala.
    lol, cause fitnah lol

    Alhumdulillah, im good just a cough :)
    Hows u and my sis? oh and the family lol
    its called ghibtaa. thats the arabic word i was looking for.
    Ghibtaa is permissible and Hasad aint
    haha.. that asar... hheehhe... No worries.. im avoiding her loOoOoll...
    P.s. there is no such person loll :D
    haha... too late now to take ur words back lol :D :D just kidding

    Tut tut they were lying.. what a friend lol :D oh well her's sucks as it is lol :D :D
    I just got sohabt ka asar lol :D
    hahahaahah... nokia..haha... my mistake lol :D nope they dont loOoOoOoll haha :D

    Oh loOoOoll... u were using the generalizing you lol :D
    Bola karo yaar, mujhe kya pata? :D lOoOll.. my urud sucks big tym.. so pls excuse my language lol :D
    Not sure about vodafone.... but Nokia.. loOoOoll :D.. omg! how u know 320?! lol :D

    you can't be fat and a good moderate Muslim at the same time
    Who said im fat?! :confused:
    hahaahahaah.. im not fat! hahahahaha :lol:

    Alhumdulillah, loOoOol, im not hahahahahaah
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