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  • bed time so soon? :( LoOoOoll.. just kidding :)
    Take care bhaiyaa.....

    heheheheh..sohabt ka asar.. there is such ;) i hav full tajrubah in this situation lol :D........ trust me yaar lol :D

    Take care
    Sleep tight, may Allah protect u all night. Aameen.

    *sisterly hug*
    heheheheheh Haraam police.. they're like my best pals man.. Dude... dint u know?! lol :D
    I grew up with 'em around so sohbat ka asar to ho hi ga na? lol :D

    LooOoOoOoOll... akhi hahahahaha :D :D
    alhumdulillah u dont lie.. keep it up *thumbs up*
    yeh your abslooutley spot on :D :D

    its a wonderful place...i dont understand how you can even contemplate leaving..but like you said people have different opinions innit..

    i have learny a lot and of course still learning and will continue to learn for the rest of my life inshaAllah..

    anyways im shattered...inshaAllah talk with you soon Shahbaz :D
    add me on MSN if you want lol :) :) take care

    allah hafiz
    Wont lie any moree? *lifts her eyebrows* So u been lying all this time.. Astagfirullah! lol :D
    hey hey im jsut kidding lol :lol:

    Im posting a new thread about lies here at tti.. be sure to check it out and post ;) lol
    im messing lol.... :D
    haha lol :D :D :D nahhh i aint leaving...and you too man..dont get all depressed :)

    i think cos like a lot of members are teens and got exams and stuff they all goin through a rough time innit...may allah swt make it easy..amiiiin

    oh Shahbaz :D lol
    lol... So now im witty too ? lol :D
    no worries akhi, im just kidding lol

    no lies.. lol haahahah :lol:

    alhamdulilah brother Shabaaz :D im totally fine :)
    how about yourself Akhiii? how was your day today?
    Wa'alaykum salaam
    lol... to be honest...KoOoOoll.. no worries yaar, nothing to maaf :D

    Yup ur deffo in my du'aas akhi, everyone is lol :)
    Not impossible lol.. i knwo but very very very close to being impossible lol :D

    Oh and congrats on hitting 100 posts mashaAllah :)
    lol.. yes i am ur choti behna lol :) I am younger than you for sure, :) lol
    You speak mashaAllah waaaayy more mature than i do lol.. So yeh lol :D

    Me too bhaiyaa, just revising, well trying to any way. It soOoOo hard concentrating lol :D
    So i try and make revision as fun as possible lol

    Alhummdulillah i am well too, make du'aa for my family please, du'aa ki darkhaast.
    Hope tu hear from u soon dearest bro.
    Your sister

    lol yeah i have to lol just hide myslef under the duvet covers lol :D
    Aameen to your duaa akhi, and May Allah do the same for you and bless u alwayz and keep u happy..aameen :)

    No worries, Alhumdulillah i dont get offended. Chill. :)
    and you dont too Alhumdulillah.. so we're ok :)

    Take care dear brother.
    Chat tmrw inshaAllah :)

    no comment on the food lol :D :D hahahahah... u understandly qwkly.. :tongue:
    hehehehe.. no lol.. i thought about them too.. so i put a slice of the lasagne back in the tray lol.. that too.. reluctuntly :lol:

    Mums like... now.. thats a good :D hahahahah
    same here lol stay awake till about 3-4 in the morning.. phir.. i think about sleeping lol :D
    but i have to go in the bed and pretend im sleeping lol.. or else ami will be after me with danda lol :D Go sleep! Go sleep.. sobah ko jaldi uthna hai lol :D the normal motherly stuff and beating lol :D just kidding, my mum doesnt beat me lol :D

    Offend me...? No waaaaay akhi :) i dont get offended Alhumdulillah :)
    left some for others..... Hmm... no comment chale ga? lol :D

    Ameen to your duaa my beloved brother. I hope inshaAllah we do great, and pass with flying colours :) Aameen.

    Take care akhi,
    Chat laterz inshaAllah.
    Please forgive me if i have hurt u in any way in todays coversation, or ever. :)
    i hope there is nothing to forgive tho lol :D

    *sisterly hug*
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