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  • it sounds like you are in some jungle and echo effect has developed

    LoOoOoOoOoOlll.. like tarzan..? Swaying from tree to treee? :D :lol:
    i can assure u im in my Room haahhahah.....

    and yes, i am finding this so funny loOoOoll... i havnt laffed in a while like this lol :D :D

    don't eat too much yaar!
    im an eating machine, no one warned you yet?! :D :D loOoOoOoll hahaah..... lol.. no worries lol i know my limits hahahahahah :D :D

    U were off from col? Lucky bro! i had a looong day today lol :D

    LoOoOoll.....haha.. ur giving me Ref.... hahaahahha...... LoOoOoOoll...heheheeh
    like ur quoting .. :lol: :lol: haha! Omg! soOo funny!

    Yes, akhi lol there is a word for it.. not cum to my mind yet lol but when it does ill let u know inshaAllah :)

    hahahaha... Eng..... haha.. :D :D LoOoOoll... u dont rememebr to eat? :confused:
    im all about eating lol LoOoOooll

    No worries akhi, Aameeeeeen.. may He do the same for all of us :)
    lOoOoOoOoll......hhahahaahah....jealous in a good way

    *pinned to the floor*

    heheheh... thats too funni lol... :D

    i'll check with my apas before i get ilzaam of being member of haram police lol :D :D
    im kidding lol... no there is this one word that ur not doing hasad, but u ask Allah to provide u with that blessing too.. kinda not coming to my mind ryt now lol.. wen it does ill let u know :)

    Yup, i have been Saudi, but i was really young.. so i knew not of the ehmiyat etc So, i dint make the most of my time and stuff. I hope inshaAllah i go this ramadhan, i hope inshaAllah inshaAllah. :)

    Not school anymore lo... i meant madrassa work, my islamic studies.. its not boring .. sorry i used the wrong word..... its just a lil hectik at tyms.. u know wha i mean?

    I hope inshaAllah u go Saudi soon, and gain loads and loads of blessings, Aameen :)
    oh shes in Saudi... *gah* wow! mashaAllah, thats great yaar :)

    Yup i have two bros older than u lol
    you have two sisters MashaAllah .... im sure ur a cool bro to 'em.

    Doing my work which is BoOoOorring, but i gota do it lol
    mKe du'aa inshaAllah.
    loOoOoOoll... yup we're the same age :)
    Thats like myn almost, only my bro is a lil older than you lol

    So u have only one sister? :)

    ur good and revision is great lol
    im great n my revision is good lol :)
    Aameen .. i hope things turn out well inshaAllah Ta'ala :) Yes, we are all tested, sometimes in loads of ways altogether... all at once.. thats the real test.. and its hard, really hard to try and carry on as usual. As a girl, i end up breaking down lol.. May Allah keep us strong Aameen. :)

    A problem lol.. i will shout out akhi, no worries inshaAllah.
    Living under one roof isn't a necessity for feeling fellow sibling's pain and problems

    MashaAllah akhi, well said.. and very true.
    No, no dont be sorry pls, its fine :)

    Arfa...........? MashaAllah my sister has a beautiful name. She about my age?
    yeh Alhumdulillah my temp is better now.. jazakAllah khair for asking bhaiyaa

    how are u..? hows revision going?
    Wa'alaykum salam akhi,
    Aamen to your du'aa akhi. They're ok with me.... im used to it. It could have been a lot more worse so im grateful for that Alhumdulillah. Just please make du'aa for me.

    i really need one lol.. yup im working hard on my studies Alhumdulillah :) i have a tendency to leave things till the last minute but i'm pulling up my socks lol :)

    Normally, i sleep aroung 2ish 3ish.... lekin last nyt i was shattered lol.. so i went sleep a little earlier than usual.

    And i have no real blood sisters.. so im looking for a way to keep everyone as mine.. maybe u cd say excuse lol :D i would do anything to have a real sis.

    i hope she feels better always and her headaches and pains go faaaar faar away from her. Aameen

    Take care too bro

    oh yeh.. May i know her name please..? And my name is Asmaa with double 'A' pls :) No offense inshaAllah Ta'ala

    i wrote u a whole long msg.. and i 4got to paste here :(
    oki.. so i cant remember what i sed now.... *thinking*
    Your sister is truly lucky to have a brother like you akhi. its hard to find brothers who love their younger sisters. i wish deeply my brothers were like you, which unfortunately they're not. Lets not go there eh?!

    I hope she recovers soon inshaAllah, migrane.. so painful SubhnAllah,

    My next exam is next week wednesday inshaAllah, then break till june ... phew! i really need one lol

    Anyway <<< that makes u think i sound not too well?! :confused: Lol :D no worries inshaAllah
    Im gona be off now i think.

    Take care akhi of urslef and my sister,
    i really hope she recovers soon inshaAllah Ta'ala.

    your behna.
    LoOoOOoll.. emotes make a big big difference lol :) im perfectly fine Alhumdulillah, Allah ka shukr hain, my temp and all cdv been a lot more worse, but Alhumdulillah :)

    jazakAllah khair for asking bro. Aameen to your du'aa too.

    You have a younger sis..? mashaAllah, Oh... she's ill? :( I pray Allah gives her shifaa kaamila aajila mustamilah :) Aameen.

    Revision.... stressfull innit? drains the life outta me lol
    Wa'alaykum salaam akhi

    Im better Alhumdulillah than before anyway, make du'aa inshaAllah.
    wassup..? Hows evfn at ur end? hows the family?
    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Hope you are doing fine. Bro I'm going through a terrible crisis in life , i badly need duas please make dua for me. I'm in a terrible situation. do remember me in your duas.

    Jazakallahuma khair
    Wa'alaykum salaam bhaiyaa,
    Im okay, been better tho. Make du'aa for me inshaAllah Ta'ala.

    Im glad i dont bother you, even if i did i wasnt gona stop msgin you akhi lol :D
    Yeah i t was a good paper Alhumdulillah :)
    HoOoOope iv done well inshaAllah

    Hope ur ok bro.
    Take care
    Your sis

    wallaykum sallam bhai yes inshaAllah i will try and stay strong thank you for the dua's i will keep you all in my dua's aswel InshaAllah:) Allah is with us all and inshaAllah he will do whats best for us :) im feeling kinda ok now but when things get out of control i become so weak take care bhai
    Wa'alaykum salaam bhaiyaa :)
    LoOoOoOll....heehhe... I get the point.. im annoying you lol :D IF time permits lol :D
    hahahahah.... now thats witty, u have to agree lol
    No no ofcourse i dont mind akhi :)

    LoOoOoll.. already gona open ur books? lol :)
    maybe u should rest for a while akhi :)

    Yup im good Alhumdulillah just got a temp. make duaa inshaAllah.
    Got an exam tmrw.
    wallaykum sallam dear brother
    im not feeling to good at the moment
    i guess it will take time
    please mak dua
    jazakallahu khaiyr
    take care bhai
    So sOoOoOorry, i went without du'aa salaam, i had to go qwkly loOoOoOolll :D
    Really, an interesting thread....? Care to share? :)

    Hope ur ok bro.
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