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  • LoOoOoooll...akhi u are sOoOooo funny!! hahahahaah
    the subject doesnt suck, i suck at the subject lol.... hehe :)

    And dont worry i ate enough for the two of us. loOoooll :D :D
    My mum is like... Whoa! Asmaa, leave some for everyone you know lol :D You're being greedier than usual lol :D

    No worries, akhi ill make du'aa for you too inshaAllah :)
    Small sis..... i can bet u i am older than you ;)

    Take care akhi
    ur sis
    lol... unexpected joke...?! lol.. its the reality Dude!! lol :D :D My english really does suck lol.. its really bad.. but its my fav. subject lol :D i know that doesnt make sense lloOoOoll.... hahahah... what can i say.. im a wierd and confusing person.. loOooll :D

    Oh oki.. its better to be safe than sorry lol :D ahahhaha.... i could sense the sarcasm no worries lol hehehehhe ;) LoOoOoOoooll :D
    Thank Allah ur not short fused..... Pheeeeww! i was beginning to get worried loOoOoll haha :tongue:

    V.msgs means Visitors message.. :)
    Hey i gotta go eat some khana now lol.. Cum join us :) I think its lasagne loOoOoll :D
    Take care Dearest akhi,

    Seeya later inshaAllah Ta'ala

    Oh ans P.s. Please make du'aa for my exams.. they're cumn up V.v.v. Soon

    oh btw.....v.v.v soon means very very soon lol :D :D :D :lol: :lol:
    Im just kidding bro lol... please dont take to heart lol :)

    Wassalaam. lol
    Science... Too many brains needed lol haha.. hey im just kidding, it was ok.. not my thing tho lol :D im more into english :) But my english sucks lol :D haha

    Yeaahh... i get the leading role lol :D heheh.... Shopping is soOoOoOo kool lol :D
    can never get sick and tired of it loOoOoOoll :D

    MashaAllah, really beautiful name akhi. :)
    just making sure u dont mind bro, cos u meet some short fuse people lol... i dont want one of my V.msgs giving me a lecture on being nosy lol
    *gah* You're not into sport?! *gah* Whoa! lol :D
    So, im wrong there lol.

    MashaAllah science, u say? Well i wasn't urm.. into science lol :D
    probably the worst subject i ever had to do lol :D

    No, lol ... my mum's the one who takes me shops lol.. She's like,... Asmaa, Asmaa, i saw this dress.. etc etc lol :D
    So whats ur name akhi if u dont mind me asking? and if you do, then no worries inshaAllah. :)
    I was joking only of course, sister. You just did say something like I shouldn't believe in that etc. I took being believing in that as Halaal, and Haraam otherwise. And, Barak Allah feekum, it was my pleasure to be of some help to my TTI ukhti; may Allah SWT guide us all towards the right and help us AVOID the wrongdoings. Ameen.
    Later then, you too TC sis,

    I somehow missed this comment :confused:
    Im glad u cleared up this issue akhi :) Alhumdulillah.
    AAmeen to your du'aa akhi,
    haha.. u were wrong lol :D hehehehhe

    Really, its a kool place.. Jee, i mus check it out some day huh? :) inshaAllah Ta'ala
    Its expensive.. Darn! loOoOoooll.. thats the last thing i need to know lol :D
    Just kidding LoOoOoooll :D :D :D

    So u into sport..? (what kinda qestion is that.. ur a guy.. ofcourse ur interested in sport lol)
    LoOoOoOoll.... i have never been manchester lol :D
    i heard they got some good Shopping centres lol.. i'll drag my mum along with me some day lol :D :D. Oki, i wont bore u with the typical girly, shopping talk lol :D
    Leicester,.... hm.. its oki Alhumdulillah.. the mahaul is GREAT! Alhumdulillah. Especially in highfileds, so many masajid, madaris, Alhumdulillah.
    Hows about in Man.? Is it a good place?
    Yup, urdu hindi aati hain mujhe, :)
    Oh, So ur pakistani? MashaAllah.
    KoOoOoll, ur from Manchester? WoOoOow, ur not that far off :)
    Have u ever come lleicester?
    hey i was kidding about the boosted stuff too lol :D
    I tend to joke around a lot, so dont take anything i say serious lol :D
    And if i ever hurt your feelings, Sorry in advance. :)
    oOohh lol.. Silly me :D
    Im from Enlgand lol, Leicester :) And urself?
    No, no english is not my mother toungue. :)
    Pheeeeew! u dont take these things seriously, i watched the video again right now, and i was like *gah* lol :D
    I know how i am too. May Allah help us on this journey, and guide us on the path of the righteous. Aameen.

    lol..hahahaahahahah :D :D :D

    NoOoOoOo i can assure you im not part of THAT crew lol..... jeez man... i watched that video ... did i really bombard u like that..?! lol :D
    Hey, im sorry yeah, as far as i knew it was. :redface:

    But jazakAllah khair for sharing the link with ur sis:)
    You're the best akhi ;)

    LooOoOoll.. im calling everyone the best lol So dont get boosted lol :tongue:
    hey im just kidding lol :D

    Take care
    Wassalaam ~
    salaam :D

    mashaAllah same here I'm also Pakistaini...speak pushto :)
    anyways take care
    talk to you soon Akhii

    inshaAllah one day you will be hafiz reciting in taraweeh all over the world brother :)
    you taking a gap year...hmmm...I'm thinking about that as well...but inshaAllah we shall see what happens :)

    anyways brother where about you from? what language do you speak? :D
    Salaaam again :D

    yehh i'm doing AS...inshaAllah A2 next year... :)
    well i dont really attend a madrassah but i read to someone( a hafiz) at our local Masjid after school :) :)
    so you hoping to go uni next school term rite?

    salaam :)

    im doing A school (6th form) studying Law, Psychology and Business and also i hope to complete my hifz soon inshaAllah...make dua for me Akhiii... :)

    how about you? what you studying?

    wassalam :)

    haha :) yehh Bradford is known as Bradistan lol so that tells you the story...its okiii alhamdulilah..lots of masjids, schools, madrassa's yeah alhamdulilah i cant complain..

    although people say this is where uneducated immigrants like to settle :D lol
    anyways brother how you doing? hows Manchester doing? lol

    take care Shabaaz :)
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