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  • wa Alaikum slaam wr wb!!!
    ahahaha dude that was hillarious!! I thot I sucked at Somali lakin u r worse ahahaha
    we shud have a REHAB in SOMALI lol
    noo I am somali but not afsomali lol
    you asked "r u the language somali" and said "u DONT know lil somali":D
    loooooooooolzzz so funny, u r somali tho??
    I am too and know lil somali can write well but my readin SUCKSS!! lol
    and i speak guud somali:D:D:D:D::D
    anywayss, yea thanks for makin me lafff!!:D
    Jazaki Allah Aj-Jannah for the beautiful greeting habibati fi Allah..may Allah (swt) allow you the privilege of receiving greetings upon the soil of Makkah next year!

    Eid Mobarak to you and your loved ones dear

    assalaamu alaykum sis
    oops i didnt even see your message :( sowwiiiiiiiiiii
    how are you doingg? seetahay?
    jazaakillahu khayran for the wishes sis, youre so soo sweet mashaAllah
    eid mubaarak and jumuah mubaarak to u and all ur loved ones
    again sorry sis :(
    love uuuuuu :hearts:
    wa salaam
    Wa'alykum salam :)

    Chikita what? LOL :D

    Im really sorry to hear about your grandmother. May Allah give her jannatul Firdaws. Aameen :) *hug*
    MY aunt also passed away with cancer and 4 weeks ago a cousin brother dies with stomach cancer. :( May Allah give them Jannatul Firdaws. Aameen.

    I have holidays atm so im cool :cool: but i have SO mych darn homework lol :D inshaAllah will do it tmrw. Im gona be wearing maroon inshaAllah on Eid day :) Excited lol. And a really beautiful abaya :)

    TC too sis

    Wassalaam :)
    Salamz sista!!:D
    Lolz nuthin much up im currently free today *big yay* :D :lol: and so lazing around hehheheh about u sis dearest :lol: keep in touch oh nd do make those funny threads u post here on tti!! :D Hows ur family doin? Any plans for this Eid? :D:D:D
    U 2 take care!!!!!!!! hun :D
    MWAH! bck* lolz
    love ya lots sweet sis!!

    Allah hafiz!
    wa'alaykum salaam wa rahmatulLahi :D

    Where HAVE you been Missy? :p LOL
    im ever so sorry for firstly this delayed reply and secondly for not leaving you a V.msg :( man i suck a being caring lol :D haha!

    wher were u all this tym nways hun?

    missed u sososoos much, WAllah altho i never left u any msgs *i have NO idea how tht works lol* but i did- honestly :) *hugs*

    TC, hope to hear from you :D
    Wassalaam :):)
    alhamdulilah WELCOME BACK HUUNY BUN!!! :lol: that was weird hehehehe fine sis :D glad ur doin grrrrrrt ;)
    missed u toooo and ur display pic monkey too!!:D:D :lol:
    u 2 take care!! HUG*
    Asalamualikum dear sister, :SMILY139:
    Ameen and wa iyyaki wa barakAllahu feeki.
    Allahmdulilah im well, thanks for asking. How are you? :)
    Hope all is well with you and please remember me in your dua's.
    Take care
    Wasalam xx:hearts:

    awwwwww i miss u tooooo soo much :)

    ya i m fine Alhudmillah:) long timee no talk :( how r u? n hows going ur study uhkti:)?

    i m enjoying in these days:lol: becoz i have hajj vacations:lol: inshAllah 1st dec my college will open n than again same routine:( :lol: i like study no worries:)

    take careeeeeeeeee sis u tooooo


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