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  • dear sister are you ..we miss you im sure its more than 4 weeks your gone...hope your back soon inshallah
    Assalamu Alaikom
    I really missed you soooooooooooo much mama
    where were u ? :(
    if u r free now , plz go to MSN :)
    salamualaikum sister isra, i read youre reply on the thread i wrote about christmas. it really touched my heart when you said you returned home that day alone.. you are not alone, you have Allah and all of us on here :).. i know it is easy to say that and i feel very lonely at times myself, but life is full of these tests and we will be recompensated with Paradise in the end :)

    inshaAllah next year you will be celebrating Eid with your family- May Allah also guide them to islam, anything is possible. i remember you said on a thread that your son is interested in islam? how is it going, any further forward?

    hope you are well

    with love

    Asaalam alikum sister :) EID MUBARAK

    Asslam u alaikum wrwb my dear sis,

    This is now my say "I am very very sorry" Please forgive me. I did receive your email but could not reply (I know I have to). LIfe has been a depress for me these days (due to my own faults...Allah has been abundantly merciful to me).

    I will write you in a day or two insha Allah.
    :salam2: Sister Isra,

    I haven't seen you on TTI for long.. I pray to Allah swt that you are doing well and in good health Alhumdulillah. :)

    Hope to see a post from you soon Insha'Allah , dear sister.. Take care

    Assalamu Alaikum sister ISRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!:D:D:D:D
    hw are you dear sister??
    just thot I wud drop by and say Salaam......:D
    your sister Ubah:D
    My dear sister you are very close to Allah, for He is has put you in some difficult siuation, and Allah only wants you to become close to Him, so you can be one of those who can stand in His shade.

    Hang in there, hold on to the rope of Allah. You are very specail, remember this, because you have a chance to beocme closer to Allah - take advantage.

    I will remember you in my du'as insha'Allah, and I make du'a that I can meet you one day, so I too can beocme close to Allah.
    salam alaykum.....jz wondering in ur new thread - time said u got ur job bak?.....well congrats :D
    Wa'alykum Salaam sister,

    Jazak Allah for Eid wishes; and ameen upon the duas.
    How did your Eid go, ukhti? Good na?

    - Bro BinKhadija
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