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  • wallahi i was suppose to tell u not to come this sunday Allahuakbar!
    coz this sunday IRF ladies wing wont be open coz at churchgate we hav islamic vision programme by brothers.so inshallah make it for next sunday n enjoy your weekend;):wavyarms:
    ya we should thank Allah s.w.t n sis hibba,,i dnt knw where is she busy,she has not replied me ,is she busy wit her exams???:confused:

    take care
    I think we should thank sis hibba, isn't it through her that we both 'met'?? May Allah bless her always... and may she continue the good work ;)
    yessss.... even am awaiting THE sunday. A friend of mine is coming to my place on friday, from UK. So maybe i will have to take her sightseeing over the weekend. In case I cannot make it this sunday to IRF, will let you know and will definitely come next sunday...
    When we meet, we can share so much as we have varied hobbies and mayb we can both pick new things... Insha Allah.
    Take care, smile and be happy....
    May Allah bless you...
    Allah Hafiz
    aaha this Sunday!, i will eagerly wait for you.inshallah
    Oh! Very intelligent it seems i will get to learn more from you..yepeeeeeeee
    Mashallah good that you love reading if i found something boring you can read n narrate it to me:SMILY335:, the only book i can sit with hours is only Quran.

    love you for sake of Allah.
    take care.
    meet you inshallah
    Awwwww- that's okay sis :D
    lol- i got them- they're SO cute!
    poor brown kitty!!!! :( lol- yeah- i hope i get a cat soon! probably in a year or so :SMILY252:
    wow- but i didnt know cats could be bullied :eek:
    lol- well- i did know- but it never rlly occured to me:lol:
    OH NO!!!!!!

    then i'd love it anways! :hearts: :D

    I hope ur doing great sis!
    i am - but i'm quite hungry right now :lol:

    TC dear sis!!!!!


    Salam! :fighta:

    ooopsss- :lol: i mean- :hearts:
    recently i hav join Arbic(understanding grammer)course as a hobby and also to understand quran better that will inshallah benifit me here also and in aakhira also inshallah,,,inshallah as i finish this im planning to take classes for MY society kids
    also as passtime hobby when i wan to learn any dua or hadith i write it beautifully paint it or color it whatevr then hang it on the wall so that along with me my family members also learn...you can also try.....there r many things alhamdulillah i do,n try to keep my self busy alhamdulillah

    n quran,dawah n islah is going side by side becoz you knw i go IRF so i get to learn many things Allhamdulillah....chalo behen m tired ok take care n assalam
    hope you will also share some things with me hw you utilise your time n ur hobbies so that i might learn sum new things frm you inshallah..remember me duaslots of love n wishes.
    hobbies......hmm....le me start...ok,
    painting(m very good Alhamdulillah),drawing(specially sketching/not human figures as it is haram),teaching(professonally also m a teacher),reading(only islamic books) otherwise i hate reading...lol sometimes writing (only sher -o-shayaris n dairy...lol)
    traveling(if i could aford),dress designing(i have done diploma also in it) i m a beautician too as a hobby (i have done diploma in that, only to advise n tips for myself,my sis n my friend...........lol)Alhamdulillah!
    love you to my dear,
    oh jazakallah kahir,par woh cat mujhse zyada payare hai,
    if you want to register come on sunday,in ladies wing actually u can go any time but m specifically teling u sunday becoz i wil be there inshallah...hehe
    for further details m sending you PM ok

    hmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaji,lets see who is elder im 22 n you??????
    May He(Allah) love for whose sake you Love Me!
    U 2take care.
    lol- no- i dont do that :D
    in fact- i do MOST of the work :lol:
    awwww!!!!! lol- u can- if u want- i gotta adress- [email protected] :D
    yeah- by some miracle we might in a year or 2- we bought another esplace lol- maybe then ( AHEM- MIRACLE IS NOT PROVIDED) :lol:
    yeah- i love cats :D
    especailly kittens
    i remember one day when i was small and my family lived in an apartment- those un-crowded 3 story kinds with STAIRS and not elevaters lol- i found a kitten in the summer time on the platform of the second floor- where i lived- stairs- and i gave it a towel as a bed- on the stairs- and i got in trouble when it pooped on it :lol:
    dont know HOW it got there- but i didnt get to keep it :( lol!

    :SMILY252: :SMILY252: :SMILY252:

    yes- i love fridays!
    u too sis!!!!!!:D
    have a great, aweosmley amazing day bajee!!!!! :D
    Allah Hafiz back!:D

    aha dehkna i told u i m younger than u:lol: :lol: btw u r right respect kahley bolne se nahi hotey dil se hote hai:D soo now ab main app ko naz bolon kia:D becoz main tuo app ki respect dil se karte hoan ab agar baji na b bolon tuo kia faraq parta hai :p thats what u mean:D

    sorrrrrrry baji:D i was joking actually muje bohut bolne ki habit hai:D
    inshAllah i call u baaaaaaaaajjjjjjji :lol:
    btw mumbai main weather kasa hai:D n u said friday ko zaydha kaaam nahi hota tuo its mean today is ur holiday:D am i right bajji :lol:
    May Allah always bless u in this world n here after Ameen!!!

    Take care
    HA HA journalist :SMILY71::SMILY27: writer:SMILY138:.................


    I'm doing masters in Agriculture ........... Which was originally done by Our Father.......... Guess Who?

    Don't know?


    Adam Alaihissalam ......:SMILY288::SMILY288::SMILY288:

    My mother tongue is Tamil!!... We don't give so much emphasis to " R" as u in English ... he he he... :SMILY34::SMILY34::SMILY34:

    Visit our beautiful land..........

    May Allah bless U & your family.........
    Lol- yes i amz!!!!!! :D :D :D ;)
    :lol: yappy yappy!
    I know- :D- my faverate of mine is a red one though :laughing-dancing:
    yay!!!! my hobbies r good- yep- i can agree with that- :eek: a brat for getting work done?! :eek: (ahem- lazy...) :lol:!!!!! jk sis!!!! :SMILY252: :SMILY252: :SMILY252:
    Lol- same here- my own world is cumtimes very big and sumtimes teeny weeny :lol: :)

    U HAVE A PET CAT???!!!!!! LUCKY!!!!!:hearts:
    lol- i absolutley :SMILY252: cats! but i dont have one- my mommy wont let me get one :lol: sighhhhhh

    yeah0- i love nimals and wildlife!!!! and the grass there is seemingly green :lol:
    i also wanna go to england , pakistan, eygept, africa, brazil, mexico, the sun,:lol: jk- etc etc etc :D

    lol! sure- u can cum over to my house and i'll bake some bugs! :lol:\
    no- for u- some BROWNIES!!!!!:D

    lol - tons of love, hugs, mwahs, good wishes, bad wishes :lol:, no-, du'aa, etc etc etc!
    Tc sis!!!!!:D

    how was ur day?

    Salam!!!!! :hearts:

    ok ok behna i will call u baaji baaji baaji:D:D:D washe kitne bar baji bolna hai:lol: :lol:
    baaji i m not sure that u r elder than me but i guess:D becoz u told me na ka u r doing job n ur studies is finished so i guess:D tuo now u tell me am i right :D or wrong:( :lol: :lol:
    no sister i m not studying too much i also take rest when i tried:D
    take care baaji:D
    Mashallah sis atleaast you realised thats the biggest blessing frm Allah .swt and Allah guide those n help those who want to help themselves, u r absolutly right to walk on the path of Allah is not that easy but you truly follow frm your heart Allah will make ease. oh Allah! when i remember those days it brings tears,that really hw we r ungreatful to Allah some time but Alhamdulillah Allah is alwys thre for us. even our whole group was crying on the last day that we dont knw when we will recieve such a blessed gathering Aubhanallah!
    Asalamalikum baji n didi :D:D:D lol i dont know what to say u:lol: becoz u r elder than me:D i hope u dont mind if i call u baji or naz sis:D
    btw app khud bata doo what i call u:lol: :lol:
    sorry for late reply sis i was really very busy in studies aur lol brain is not working:D:D

    ohhhh i forgot to ask how r u:D n whats new at ur end:)
    jazakallah khauir for ur duas n advice sis i really appricated

    take care
    oh! Allah we wre so closed n we dint knw.
    any ways.i rally miss d peace confrence !mashallha very nice days.
    take care dear.May Allah bless u nd help you.
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