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  • :wasalam: My Dear.... I'm doing :SMILY346:

    this is :lol:.....:D:D:D

    I'm doing my masters while working as a research assistant :SMILY47:
    I love BLUE :SMILY34::SMILY34::SMILY34:

    Hm...:mad::mad::mad: I'm keep on telling..... Who will tel about u?


    Hope to hear from u :SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:
    assalamualikum,actually yestrday me n hibba were talking,n i told her dat thre r hardly sisters frm india,n she told me if you want you can do frndship wit nazhaider even she is frm india,so jus to confirm whr u r frm?i askd u
    well m too frm mumbai,curently staying in (Nerul)Navi Mumai, i guess u must b knwing.
    Alhamdulillah m a senior associate of ladies wing at IRF(islamic research foundation) whr m learning islam n other religion.m also a teacher i have workd for 3 yrs in islamic school but curently m not working coz of some personal issues.
    i completed my graduation this year in B.A (Major in History n Sociology)
    hobbies i have lots,like painting n drawing,teaching,reading islamic stories,
    journalist sounds great actually more n more muslims shud go in such fields it is really needed 4our society.it was nice to talk 2 u keep in touch,takecare
    awwwww- ur so sweet sis!!!!! :D
    lol- my hobbies are reading, goofing around, getting work done, helping others, coming onto tti, baking, EATING:lol:
    wat about u sis?:hearts:
    oh no!!!!!:eek: i'm caught now!!!! :eek:


    lol- scarves, jewlery, sweets lol- uahm- a dress/ salwar kinda thing :lol:
    yes- there are- because you get to design things and have them made!!!!:D
    I love that!!!! :D
    same here sis!!!!! :) lol- how r u?
    btw sis- what place do u want to visit most on earth- that u've NEVER been to b4 :D
    I wanna go tooooo- hmmmmmmm- maritius!!!!!! :lol:
    Muslim Island- beautiful- they SAY :lol:
    hOW R U anywayz?
    Lots of love sis!!!!:SMILY252:
    which also means 'travel carefully' :lol:

    Assalamualikum sis,
    hw r u?well u r too frm india exactly frm whr?n what r u doing?

    take care n lots of love n wishes for u n your family.

    OMA!!!! SIS- ur just to sweet and kind!!!! :D
    Yes- my mom IS back :laughing-dancing: :laughing-dancing: :laughing-dancing:
    And she DID get presents :lol:
    Oh - u should visit sis- it's really nice. :)
    and it's SUGAR- CANE season :D :lol: :D
    yeah- I'm Pakistani -:D but i live in Canada- with citizenship :shymuslima1:
    but i still :SMILY252: pakistan the most :D
    MORE LOVE AND BLESSINGS!!!!!!!:hearts:
    TC dear sis!!!!!:)
    Asalamalikum my dear sister

    yes, I m fine Alhumdillah:)

    plz sister don't take tenstion, Have faith in Allah n pray 5 times a day, i hope inshAllah everything will be ok with the mercy of Allah.....

    my study is going very well Alhumdillah, exam r near:D n also little bit tenstion abut my exams:D but Alhumdillah i hope i will be pass with good marks:D

    u r in my prayers behna:):tti_sister:
    MAY Allah bless always n smile on ur face Ameen!!

    take care:hearts:
    Walikumsalam n Allah hafiz
    Asalamalikum sister:)

    i hope u r fine in the best if iman n taqwad;)

    so, whats going on these days sister:)

    take care
    lol!!!!! thats childish but vry cute!!!!!!!! :D
    Yeah- I think I'll do that. ;)
    Same here- I love my mom- and i get sad when people BRAG about being rude to their mom! :angryred: it's not sumthing to be proud of lol- i almost never disobey mommy!!!!!!:lol: except when my temper is out of control on somebody- i neevr get angry at my mum lol- but i only do that cuz that person is putting work/stress on my mom- other than that- i dont get angry. :p!!!!!!

    :hearts: SMILY252: :hearts: :SMILY252:

    Yeah- she's coming back this Monday- on family day lol :eek:
    i got a picture of her at my aunts wedding- which is wy she went- and i have to admitt- I'm pretty ( VERY) jealous of her :lol:
    I love Pakistan- and when i saw the tree's in the picture outside the tent- i went crazy :lol:

    Thnx sis! :D
    Lots of love!!!!
    i luv fridays too! :D

    (p.s. i don't expect u to write more or this amount in your reply lol- :lol:)
    Awwwww- thnx sis!!!!! :hearts:
    I wish I were you- I have a holiday lol- but a few things to do- whcih is even worse cuz your not sure which one to do first!!!!!:lol:
    I miss my mom too- she's been gone on a trip for almost a week now :p
    InshaAllah you'll get to your mom quickley. :D

    Salam sis!!!!!
    Have a great, NON-tiring day!!!!!:lol:

    lol sis- i like kit kat too!!!!!! :D
    yeah- i might get a stomach ache lol- but it wud be very sweet :lol:
    lol!!!! yeah- i like smilys too- but i cant ever get them on in the proper places lol!!!!!!
    :D :D :D
    so i do the simple ones- i'm sure u've noticed!!!!!! :lol:
    yeah- lots of love sis!!!!!!:hearts:
    Salamz sis:)
    Im glad ur fine. But y are u upset and crying:eek: Hope all is ok? I do hope so....
    And sis one thing dont bottle up ur feelings if u feel like u want to cry then go ahead an cry:) it will make you feel better. I'll make dua for u inshallah....and hopfully ur head ache is gone by now inshallah.:D
    take care sweet sis.
    lol it's ok sister:D

    A group of Humanities (ARTS) in short word we call it F.A in pakistan:)........i hope now u understand:D if not than tell me :) than inshAllah i will tell u in more detail:)

    ohh i don't know much about india:D only i know about mumbai and dehli city:) ....actually i born n grown up in Saudia arabia Alhumdillah n i m basically from peshawer, pakistan:D.......i hope u know that city:D

    take care
    awwwww lol sis!!!!! Thnx- i know this sounds weird coming from a younger person- but ur so nice and sweet!!!! like chocolate!!!!! but not overpowering, kinda like a kit kit- or pure chocolate- like Aero bar- lol!!!!!! :D

    watch out sis!!!!!
    i might eat u!!!!! :hearts:
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