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  • oh mashAllah good sister:)

    i m a student :D n doing F.A ;) i hope u know what is F.A:) becoz most of ppl don't know about F.A....:D

    app india main kis ctiy se belong ho sister:)

    take care

    Allah hafiz
    yes, Alhumdillah i m fine too:)

    oh mashAllah good india sister:).....i m from pakistan but living in saudia arabia mashAllah:)

    tareef karney ka shukriya:D about my name:D HIBBA means'' God gift'' n i also like my name:D

    jazakallah khair for make me a friend:)

    n Ameen to ur dua's:)

    take care

    Allah hafiz:)
    Asalamaalikum sister

    jazakallah khair for friend request:)

    how r u sister:) n where r u from:)?

    take care:hearts:

    May Allah bless u always:)

    Salamz sis:D
    Jzakallah khair fr add req :) Hope ur well. Take care. And make dua fr me...
    ur lil sis.
    Sister Asja and Muslim_gurl: I thank you both for adding me. It is difficult finding good friends and i have you sisters to guide me and help me out. I feel blessed. May Allah shower blessings on you and your loved ones... Assalam Alaikum.
    :salam2: dear sister

    JazakAllah khair dear sister for your kindness. :hijabi:

    Mashallah, I am very glade to meet you for the sake of Allah.

    may Allah bless you always

    take care

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