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  • yeah it will be great if u can make up for that!coz we have lots of upcomung programmes..try to bring your friends or someone along with you.inshallah
    you r always remembered in my duas dear.
    take care
    Asalamalikum Naz behna:)

    Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry behna mera mutlub app ko ghusa delena nahi tha:( bas ashee he kah deya tha:)

    jazakallah khair sister for remember me in ur prayers:)

    hahha washey app ghusay main bohut piyare aur cute lagtey ho:p :lol: .....ashee he rah karo hahahha

    i m fine Alhumdillah, how r u ??.......life is going very busy:( becoz my studiesssssssss uffff .....aur app sunaio :) kia ho raha hai aj kaal

    acha app se poochna tha what is the meaning of Naz:)? becoz mere ek czn's wife i mean my bhabi ka naam b Naz hai:D but meaning ka nahi pata hai......so, just asking;) hope u don't mind behna:)

    take care
    lots of loveeeeeeee
    Allah hafiz n Walikumsalam
    Hey Nazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:angryblue:

    I have to ask ALL these questions from U :SMILY45::SMILY45::SMILY45::SMILY45::SMILY45:

    Where WERE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU?:tantrum1::tantrum1::tantrum1:

    I was here cool :) and calm:SMILY259: :lol::lol::lol:

    If you don't talk to me again...............:fighta:

    I know U :SMILY252: me.:p

    May Allah bless you . KIT
    Love & hugs from
    :salam2: Naz.............

    How are u dear?.....
    Hope u r doing well :wink:
    What z special?
    With lots of love :hearts::hearts::hearts:
    hmmm, see dear no one has time these days but for our own benefit we should take out time. u can if you want attain sundays morning lectures inshallah. its from 11am-1:00
    Allhamdulillah,My day was great!
    take care
    naz behna.hw r u?
    hwz your day! hope you n mum enjoyed today!!!:wink: :wink: hmmm
    take care n lots of love.
    :SMILY288::SMILY288::SMILY288: pani purrrrri in evening....and dinner bahar:SMILY288::SMILY288::SMILY288:

    :hearts:flower bouqet very nice idea!!

    my sundays are always n almost same.........:muslim_child::holaaa::holaaa::holaaa::holaaa::holaaa: whole day in IRF

    take care. assalam:SMILY139:
    Asalamalikum sister:)

    sorry for late reply:( .......her ek se sorry karna parta hai late reply karne ki wahja se:p but kia karon na i m busy now a days:) hope u don't mind:)

    oh no need to thankyou sister becoz it's my pleasure, agar kishey ki kishey dostrey se frndship ho jahty hai tuo muje khushi hotey hai;) becoz i also like to friendship with sisters:) n want to make friends:)
    acha no behna i don't mind.........but plz can u tell me app mera konsa post wahan rahk rahi ho behna??????? let me know 1st plz

    jazakallah khair for telling:)

    take care alot n plz remember me in ur prayers
    Allah hafiz
    what paper though? do u write a news paper?! :eek:
    :lol:- or ust some assingment at school?
    hmmmm- maybe about something as simple as the weather, how it's getting, how healthy it is to walk around this time, what happens at this time in the neighbourhood, etc.

    or maybe an articale about the things, crafts, makeovers, and spa treatment u can make/do at home. :D

    lol- BEST OF LUCK sis!!!! also try to write about things happening in the neighbourhood or somthing, ;)

    Lots of love sis!
    be happy, bouncy, smile, and have a great life!!!!! :D :hearts:

    TONS of love sis- and lots of luck!!! :SMILY259::SMILY34:

    Salam!!! :D
    Awwwww!!!!! Thanks sis :D
    I'll du'aa for u too- cuz exams can make u like :eek: permanantley! :lol:!!!
    Insha'Allah you'll pass with 101% ;)

    Lol!!!! omg the first time i tried baking, was with my mommy, with banana bread, which was yummyz yummyz! i don't make it often now lol- but i think i will, the first cookies i made were coconut, then regular, then nut and raisen, then chocolte, then snickerdoodle :lol:

    i've lost track, but i love baking :SMILY33: heeeeeeee!!!!!
    but sumtimes my mom is like ' give it a rest huda! :angryred:' :lol:!!!!!
    but yeah- i wanna make lotsa things now ;)

    heeeeeheeee! :muslim_child::SMILY231:

    no sis, i'm sure ur a great cook! :D

    in fact, i might come over to steal, i mean, ahem, er- SEE ur accomlisments ! :SMILY231: :lol:!!!!!

    LOL!!!! i know, i LOVE fridays!!!! :laughing-dancing: :jumpclap: :laughing-dancing: :jumpclap:
    thats a great idea!!besides fish what she likes????
    i hve easy n fast reciepies for chicken ...if you want...lol
    for breakfast.....you can go for tomato chatnni with chapati great combo n easy to make!!:biggrin::biggrin:
    for lunch......hmmmm fish is good but you don knw to clean !!!
    why dont you ask your sumeone ,maid Or Mom to show you hw to do that?? or ask that fish wali only to clean it n give you, she will charge for that:biggrin: lol

    so fish curry or fry fish with masoor will be best option for lunch.hmmm
    ohhhh thats good:D
    did u have a nice break time? :laughing-dancing:
    i'm doing nothing much these daysk, going to school, outside, reading, etc- oh yeah, and my brothers school got evacuated :lol:

    A guy came into the school and held the scretary hostage for sum reason, and while the guy was in the hall, my brother passed right by him b4 the commotion without even realizing! :eek:
    wow- lol- but everyone got out safe, Alhamdulilah! :)

    Your welcome sis- be sure to use the RIGHT ingrediants :D

    i had a little trouble with that the first time :lol:

    but soon enough u'll be like " yummy yummy" ;)

    my school is going good too, how about yours, have u gotten any more work? :D

    i get my 2cnd report card on the 19th :eek: lol- Insha'Allah I'll get rly good grades. :)

    have fun baking sis!

    Tc :hearts:
    grin :D
    and be happy :laughing-dancing:

    Salam!!! :SMILY252:
    nice to hear you dear.
    m alhmdulillah good n happy.ya your post made me :biggrin:
    smile thanx.
    take care May Allah bless you.
    lots of love n wishes:SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:
    oh!great. had nice time hhhm,
    m busy little i told u this mont we have a programme on parenting starting from 6th march n we have play n all so m participating..
    hibba is busy with her exams i tok to her that day only.
    ya meet u inshallah.jus remind me be4 u come ok .u r always remembered,
    take care n love.


    -1 cup+ 3 tbsp butter
    -3/4 cup baking cocoa
    - 1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
    -4 eggs
    - 2 cups sugar
    -1 tsp baking powder
    - 1 tsp salt
    - 1 tsp vanilla extract

    1. Beat the eggs, sugar and flour in a large mixing bowl.

    2-Put the baking cocoa in a smaller bowl.

    3. In a saucepan ( or in the microwave-covered) melt the butter.Then add it to the baking cocoa and mix it well. (cocoa should dissolve)

    4- To the big mixing bowl, add the baking powder, salt, vanilla, and the chocolateley mixture. :D

    5- Beat until well blended.

    6- Pour into a greased tray ( I actually use some canola oil to grease it lol)

    7- Bake at 350 degrees ferenhight for 34 min.

    8- Take it out, let it cool, then cut into bars.

    What I do is wait until it is cooler, take a fork or a spatula, a knife I cut it into bars, then I slide the fork or spatula under it to lift it up.
    ahhhh- so true- :SMILY149:
    nah- i wanna kitty anywayz lol! :D
    lol- well then i hope my ktty dosent eat me!:SMILY231: cuz i'll probably eat it first :shymuslima1: :lol:!

    lol- yes- thats EXACTLY y i want a kitty! poor puma though! :fighta:

    lol- this is how i'll look if my parents ever suprise me with a pet cat- :SMILY27:- lol!!!!!!

    i would love my cat even if it slit my throat lol! but i hope that doesnt happen :SMILY26: :D

    sure sis- on ur hotmail- or on here?

    lol- i accidently used a different type of cocoa- but if i bake it- then eat it after a day- ( the way i make it with a different cocoa) it taste SO cocoey and yummy! but the other one is AMAZINGLY GOOD!!!!! :jumpclap::laughing-dancing:

    lol- once u make a pan- and u go to the washroom or somthing- when u come back the pan's gonna be empty and every1 will look like this : :SMILY231:

    lol!!!!! :D

    i'll give it to u-just a sec!

    lol- yeah-

    Glittery mwahs and SQUEEZING HUGS! :D

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