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  • The prices of shalwar qameez in the US are insane! Back home we can get the cloth and have them tailored for a few hundred rupees, which would all together equal just $10. No wonder people who sell them over here do good business.
    You know I just recently figured out that you're the person who is following my blog. Or maybe I'm mistaken?
    Amira hijabs are sewed up so that they just slip onto your head - no pinning needed. They are exactly in the shape as you see in the pictures - you pull it over your head, and it just sits there and the rest falls over your shoulders.
    I personally don't usually prefer amiras because some may be short in the front, and don't provide adequate coverage, but they are very neat and not bulky. I love them though if I'm wearing Shalwar Qameez (Indian dress) where there is already a separate scarf to drape in front anyway.

    In contrast, long rectangle pashminas can be worn in any style you prefer, and you can pull it down in the front. I would say that its personal preference, and at least everyone should try both options out and see which they like. :) The amiras I got from Middle Eastern Mall are pretty long in front so I really like that aspect about them.
    wa 'alaykum salaam wa rahmatullaah

    Sorry about the late reply, I've been entirely out of it lately. Winter season brings out the worst in us I presume. Yeah, I've always been weary of theories in general, unless there's something to strong consolidate them, aside from certain observations and coincidences. There is truth in some I'm sure, but I don't think it's right to get so delved into them as some do, that they lose sense of reality.

    I dont know if I make sense atm... drugs have me half addled at the moment lol. Hope you're doing well ukhti, I've gotta dash!
    I really am sorry, and i am guessing that's not the first time. Better have like alfsister like how i chose to have Malik - Brother, sister. Nevertheless, good to read your reply though. May Allah (SWT) bless you, Ameen!
    W/S Brother!

    No, not yet. They are taking much longer, but bear in mind that the delivery is free and we must support the patient of waiting to receive the package.

    Just in case if you haven't received the message from my profile.
    Hehe first Muslim you met was Bosnian. Well situation for those who are practicing Muslims is not so great. There is oppression from government like in most countries. Unfortunately, my people even after war seem lost. I think more lost then ever, because now you can exes information which before one could not. People who have beards are called "Wahaby" and people look at them like some aliens. However, it is a lot better now than it was few years ago.
    If you want to visit is perfect place for vacation, because there is a lot attractions and everything is Organic:)

    Assalamu Alaykum

    p.s. if you decide to visit let me know, so maybe I could help you and your family to make arrangement.
    Alaykumu Selam sister, yes I am from Bosnia originally, but live in Chicago currently. Why are u asking? you need something translated?

    assalamu alaykum
    Walaikum salaam:
    The more you love this world...the more it will take you away from Islam, which will destroy you!
    wa alaikum salam warahamtu-llah

    the packaging is so simple, it is the size of a diary, approx 10X6X1 inch
    there is no problem I guess, but there is an Arabic stamp

    To. your address....lolz
    Dr. A. Abu-Eshy
    P.O. Box: 12002
    Abha 61321
    thats it

    for your flexibility I tried to post a pic, but here is no option, so I'm posting it in the thread

    JazakAllah khair
    wassalamu alaikum

    hey i am so happy it helped you :D:D:D
    i started wearing this year and i wear it all time but in Dubai it has become really hard to follow islam :(

    :lol: funniest thing i am 19 and people think i am married it makes me laugh so hard :lol: but sis i would say go for KSA and OMAN subhanallah they are really beautifull countries with so much of islamic heritage insha Allah
    Salaamalaykum sister,

    We are not supposed to post external links on the main forums, so please excuse me for posting some info here.

    There is an educational institute which holds weekend classes and seminars called Al Maghrib. They have a center in Atlanta as well. Here is the link :-

    They also have a web forum here :-

    Perhaps you can register as a user and contact one of the sisters from that Institute, just to get a good idea of which islamic centres and masjids are good for reverts.

    Here is a forum link for the sisters intro :-

    The Ameerah (or Leader-female) is a revert as well. Perhaps she can help you make new friends or find a good mosque.

    I hope you find a nice community InshaAllah. I hope my post helped.

    Wasalaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi
    My friend Hina introduced us... we haven't met yet. He's coming by my college this afternoon today inshallah... Only 30 more minutes or so until we meet inshallah.
    thank you so much. Yes I saw that when I put my post haha, but thats allright.
    Iam happy to be here also and that the Islam is getting perminent in my live alhamdullilah

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