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  • Hello sweetie
    I'm glad you are fine , al7amdulillah I'm also fine .
    But I'm understress with school :( my final exams are comming after 4 weeks insha Allah .
    Pray for me and remember me .

    Tell me about your daddy , how does he deal with you ?
    I ask Allah to make your life full of happiness

    I love you Amina :hearts:
    Assalamu Alaikom


    Did you forget me ?:(

    how are you and how is your daddy ?

    I hope every thing is okey with you my sweet sister ^_^
    hahahahaha yeaaaaahhh JUMPING! :lol: :D:D:D

    Indeed Amina we are all happy for you and I am glad you are always >>:D:D:D:D<< Subhanallah! May Allah SWT keep you like that always! Ameen.

    Take care of yourself Sis Amina. Gotta get off.. ;)

    Wasslaam. :):):) :SMILY259:< he's cute! :lol:
    Assalamu Alykum. :)

    Alhamdulilah I am well Amina. But after reading your thread I'm jumping around with Delight! :D:D:D:D:D:D Subhanallah!

    May Allah SWT protect you and keep you happy always. Ameen!

    Your Brother. Abu Hurairah. :D
    Hello my dear sister ,
    Al7amdulillah I'm fine , I hope all well with you sweetie .
    Today is the 1st day in Hajj vacation , so no schools looool

    I don't think you have it in the US .

    Enjoy ur life my honey :)
    Assalamu alykum Sister Amina :)

    Hope you are well now InshaAllah. May Allah SWT bless you. Ameen.

    Wassalam. :D:D:D
    Assalam Alaikom

    My sweetie , how r you ? I hope u r fine now

    Don't forget to send me some of what u cooked , dont worry my brother is a doctor and he will treat me if something bad happens to me :biggrin:

    Just kidding :tongue:

    Tears will not bring the past back .. Smile for your life Allah is with you :)
    Part 2:

    Ukhtii, i am no good at consoling at all. but i just want you to know, that she's in better hands inshaAllah. Whenever you remember/think of her just pray for her.

    i pray Allah aids you uktii, i really do feel your pain. inshaAllah if you ever want to speak to me - I'm just a PM away. :)

    i love you my beloved sister!
    take very good care fo yourself,


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