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  • walaikum assalam, sister. :]

    it's going okay, Alhamdulilah. still considering. xD how about you, sister, how's everything going? in'sha'Allah, all is well.
    Salaam :)

    my, day...? Alhumdulillah it was gud.. cud have been better thou :redface:
    Anyways, ukhti how was your day? Anything special ? :)
    no ukhti i dont want to trade places with u lol am fine thnks alhamdulilah :D :D hehe
    doin school work is not my thing lol
    well..may Allah make it easy for u
    hope it goes well
    Pulling your hair.. why.. have too much.. ?! :p hehe
    im just talking to my lovely brothers and sisters :)

    and you? :)
    yesss, exactly! about the high school environmental you mentioned. ahh, lemme tell you something... :O i was actually planning to post it in the forum in the sisters only section, but i'll just tell you first. consider yourself special, hehe.

    wait, i better private message you first, yeah? yes, i think so.

    sister, how come you wanna get out that place? where would you like to go? and i still haven't established my decision on moving there. still thinking... maybe, yes, no, don't know. haha.

    annnnd it's 5:12pm! =D
    alhamdulilah am doing good
    am glad ur too
    alhamdulilah no exams :D just relaxing and resting :D
    how abou u howwws ur studies?>
    hehehe. in'sha'Allah, you won't. ^^

    yes, there are muslims around here. and some even go to my school and i have lots of peer pressures going on... yikes! anywayyys, i'm still a senior in high school. in'sha'Allah, in some more weeks, gonna graduate! Alhamdulilah, soo exciting! =D

    you're in college, is that correct, yeah, no? when are you gonna graduate, ayeee? and you know, i heard lots of muslims would like to reside in australia and i wonder why? something special around there, ayeee? masha'Allah, it's so interesting cuz almost all my muslim buddies mentioned that they would like to live there.

    what time is it over there, sister?
    Assalamu Alaikum ukhti
    how are u
    hope everything is goin well for you
    just thought to stopby and say "salam"
    take care
    may Allah bless u
    walaikum assalam again, my dear sister who eats almost anything that is really spicy! =D

    sister, there's no need to apologize. in'sha'Allah, take your time to reply. i don't mind waiting at all. :] and i'm actually residing in california and how about you? the last time i went to vietnam, there was noodles and sandwiches everywhere! not sure if i seen sushi. :O

    masha'Allah, it was so nice meeting you! i haven't been really interacting with muslim sisters around, even online. Alhamdulilah, we're buddies! =D
    hahaha, masha'Allah, that's so cool! i love california roooooolls! and anything that has tempura in it so long there's no spicy stuffs included. i dislike spicy, haha. how about youuu?

    i'm vietnamese. :] my real name is actually "hieu" but i like "hieuky" cuz it's way cooler. =D

    and hii, sister shahirah! :]

    so, are you a muslim your whole life?
    walaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh! :]

    hehe, i'm doing good, Alhamdulilah! in'sha'Allah, you are too, sister. and uhmm, i looooooove sushi! hehe, what's your favorite foods?

    well, it's the intro time. my name is hieuky and you're... lemme guess, lemme guess..


    Assalamualaikum Sister!!

    alhamdulillah i'm doing fine and now i'm having my attachment/intern in a research institute. =) work's fine but yeah sometimes there are minor problems..wic is normal rite..heheh. but really overall i love my attachment. new experience. more knowledge. exposed to the reality of the working world. hee.
    wat abt u sis? back in aus?
    thats oki :)
    yeah i have exmas too.. i was up last night revising.. and i logged in and saw you so i left you a msg :)
    make duaa for my exaams im soo worried...
    Sis, today I was on mc. Migraine. It seems to be a monthly thing Alhamdulilah so I got to rest but tomorrow, yes tomorrow, free day. No class, Alhamdulilah! So I can mingle with facebook and word search in the staf room. Lol. *Evil grin*
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