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  • *Turtle hugs*
    have not recieved trrtl hugs from u in a while now lol

    Wassalaam ukhtiiiii

    i typed that below.... but too many characters lol :D

    MiisSsiing u a lot
    As-salaamu 'alaykum sisterrrrrrrrrrrr :D

    How ARE you keeping..? Hmm..? i hope all is well inshaAllah
    wassup...? *apart from the ceiling* lol :D

    revising for my exma so im off now.. just thot id drop by and say salaam :)
    missing u a lot these days.. sorri i hvnt been talkin to u on msn :redface: just hav loads going no ATM u know..?

    am so glas grad went good for u amshaAllah :)
    so wat do i gotta call u now.. :tongue:

    And ur probably looking for a job..? hmm.?
    may Allah make it easy for u if u are... if not.. then cum and join me in my studies =D loOoOoOoOoOoOoll :D
    Dream on me eh..? lol

    hope ur feeeeeliinnngggg happi today inshaAllah :)
    And its not annoyinh when u type looooooooooong lol... its wierd like me... so be wierdos together..? ;) lol

    luvya hun
    Take care

    And make dua my revision goes well inshaAllah.. im so glad schools ova for u... some ppl hav their exams in 17 days.. lol.. so pls make dua for me :)
    Wa'alaykum salaam ukhtii

    No worries ukhti.. feel left out..? no waayyyyyy... :)
    how was the grad..? :) hope it went well inshaAllah

    i know.. Aameen to your du'a sister.. please continue making dua for us :)
    Aawwww so sweeeet sisteerrr......

    can i just say.. i hav double 'A' at the end of my name :D
    lol haha... no offense inshaAllah

    his name is Raihan ;)

    i make du'a Allah bless u with even better inshaAllah :)
    OH YES :)

    Speaking of food, I bought sushi again yesterday :D I bought california and prawn rolls yesterday lol. And yea, with avocado etc.. Love it so much. Some time ago, my mom, sis and I actually signed up for this course to learn how to make sushi. Troublesome man =X but we could make a whole bunch of them. Not as yummy but.. ah wells :)

    Oh well sis, I am sure there are good food combis you can come up with to suit your diet insyaAllah :) You should become a food nutrionist or a chef since you like food so much! :D

    Anyway, I think you won't see me online for a while.. Taking a break from TTI and apart from that, my dreadful exams are coming in a few weeks. Make dua for me insyaAllah! Really worried because I dislike some of the units I am taking this sem :(

    But I will miss you! :D InsyaAllah see you online when I can! Hope to hear more Calvin stories when we chat hehehe!

    Waalaykum salaam wrb! :blackhijab:
    ahhhh in 3 or 4 years time? XD InsyaAllah! Is it one of the brothers you were telling me about? I hope that it will work out between the both of you :) I'll be quite old in 3/4 years time haha- ok, not THAT old though. May Allah grant you a pious and wonderful husband insyaAllah!

    But anyway, you are still young! Enjoy your youth while you can (in a halal way of course, and I know you know that haha ;) just stating the obvious) InsyaAllah, I hope we will still be in contact man! haha
    Assalam Alaykum wrb Ukhti!

    Sorry for the really late reply! One week late I know! My apologies :)

    You were not listening?! Ukhti haha, listen! *yea, I should be telling myself that during each lecture* My school also blocks msn so I have to use ebuddy. But no difference because I cannot use MSN on my computer as well because some virus wiped it out :(

    Haha anyway, about Calvin... aww, I wish I could meet him! I like kids masyaAllah and he seems to be the sort I would love hanging out with everyday. So cute :) Please say Hello to him for me!... and of course, a poke too!
    Wa alaykumu salamm deaar hieuky!! hows u doing?? :D
    InshaAllah i hope you're well! hmm yeah little sis in kindergarden already loll shes crying now as usual loll
    hows calvin? :D aww u have such a beautiful relationship :D mashaAllah
    please pray for me sis i have my exams and no motivation loll i had my arabic one this morning and it was ok alhamduliLlah thats Allah's will and also because i speak arabic so it was like a piece of cake :D (hmmm speakin of cake!! :D:D )lol joke sis.
    lol in my brain theres a dialogue between i dont know what :D like : exams?? what exams? its faaaar away...aaaaaaaarrrghh nooo its on tuesday inshaAllah :( huh i feel deceived :D:D
    nyways take care my lovely sis
    i love youuu
    wa salam
    lol, 7 pm.. on friday...Hmmmm... i think ill be in madrassa lol :D
    oh no no no.. i wont beee....... pheww... Yaaayyyyyy

    *party time*
    Balloons and party poppers ans string ... u name it sis.. ill party hard lol :D
    jazakAllah khair sister :)

    ill be cheering from here lol, just tell me uk tym when it is ill have aoarty in my bedroom lol

    lol, jazakAllah khair ukhtiiii :)

    Aameen to your duaas
    Stressin a lot lol, just make dua for me pls sis

    Alhumdulillah ur excited...... *hug*
    wish i was there with u on friday.. .. Sorry i cant be there with u sis

    take care

    loOoOoll, well when im on the computer ... like the compuetr pc thing.. lol, its still the first thing that i do lol :D

    technologies....? what can u say lol,

    AAww,..... u excited??.. im so happi for u mashaAllah!! =D

    Studies are going well Alhumdulillah :)... just need to revise a little harder lol
    i know lol, i cant help it tho :redface:
    i cum on the laptop and its the first thing i do lol, inshAllah
    jazakAllah khair sister for warning me :)


    Best of wishes for that thennnn...
    hey, wens grad..?
    Wa alaykumu salaamu wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuh wa maghfiratuh my deaaaaaaaar hieukyyy!!

    oh wow a teacher that pressures you to buy things for her? do you mean "bring things from a shop for her" or what lol?

    no lol not chocolate cereals...hmmm im weird i mix diff kinds of cereals, i had bran ones mixed with my little sisters coloured and sugar coated rings :D:D:D it was yummy mashaAllah

    lolllllllll and i didnt make the cookies :( i had to watch my little sis and she was driving me crazy i had to go bring her from kindergaten so...
    i made a sandwich and its bread though :D:D:D

    Sleep well and inshaAllah we will speak later
    I love youuuuuuuu

    wa salam
    wa alaykumu salaammm dear sis!!
    good morning!!
    JazaakiLlahu khayran for your beautiful message...a beautiful message by a beautiful sister :) mashaAllah
    Im ok alhamduliLlah how are you doing my dear? aww stressing with school? is that because of final exams? i think you have them now because you finish on friday right?
    may Allah make everything easier for you and help you in your affairs
    yummm pancakes? whoaaaaaaaaaaa i love pancakes lol. with pecans and caramel? thats the besssssstt! ok now i want pancakes but ive just had cereals aaaaaaaaah! lol well inshaAllah maybe in the evening ill make chocolate chip cookies :D:D:D:D
    sis youre never on msn lolllllll inshaAllah i hope to see ya there soon
    take care!! mwahh! hugggggsss!
    wa salaamu alaykum
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