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  • Oh yes! Or maybe if he is your husband it can beat for him or the sake of Allah? Okay ignore me sis. Anyway, relek la... hope you are not too stressed out (fb nick). Hope things are sunny for you down under.

    I like your heart. =) Yes it has been great to know you too Alhamdulilah and yes, when you come back maybe we can hang out more. Insha'Allah.... !

    Assalamu Alaikum habibti
    how u doin?
    alhamdulilah am doin very well
    hope you r too
    anyways jazakillahu khair for the "salam"
    its nic to kno u sista asha :D
    take care
    :) :8 wa salam
    asalam alaikum warahmathullah vabarakaathu sis.
    I'm doing fine inshaALLAH. and jazzakALLAh khair for asking. Hope you are also doing great in health as well in iman.
    jazzakALLAH khair, I also like your new avatar, heart is so meaning full, mine is just a cherryblossom in snow.:p..just remind me of how beutiful ALLAH has created things...
    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I thought I pay you visit...Inshallah hope you are in good health and highest of Emaan.
    Assalamualaykum sis,

    I just want to wish you a happy long weekend!! Hope it will be a meaningful one. I am so sad cause I won't be where you are in June. I don't want to impose . Have decided to be somewhere else.

    Take care.
    Wa 'alaik salaam Sis :hijabi:,

    Hehe sis. So far nothing like that happened to me. :SMILY149:

    I've asked me mum. lol.:biggrin:Bengali is from bangladesh.

    We are so :p lousy.

    By the way, i have just turned ORANGE! Like, finallllllyyy!!!!!! It just decided that I should turn orange now after like so LONG.:wavyarms:
    Salam Sis

    Looool yeahh there is thing going around saying TTI is addictive.. no harm in it :D
    Yeah mashAllah lots of muslims in London
    Hopefully soon inshAllah sister
    Love u for Allah’s sake
    My bad loooooooooool shahirah is a nice name too
    Alhamdulilah my emaan and health is good
    How are you?
    Sister where are you from? if you don’t mind saying it
    wa aleykum salaam sister
    yeah Alhamdulillah my real name is Sumaya and i love it sooooooooooooooo much
    thanks sister
    i like your name too is one of my favourites mashAllah
    wa salaam
    wsalaam habibti

    hamdulillah i had a nice day ;)

    hope you had a nice day too inshallah! :D

    thanks for the add also
    Dear sister, today I had 5 periods straight of classes, after which I went to city hall with the art club to do live drawing of High Court in City Hall. And lastly went for tuition.... so now mabuk =( Now I can catch my breathe hehe.
    Salaam asha... we are serious of visiting but since you are having exams, we surely do not want to impose.
    anyway, there will be three of us. Sorry for 'talking' about this here. Since you are here and all =)
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