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    Mobile Phones in the Mosque

    Just remember that on some phones even while it may be on silent, they have side buttons that turn up the volume again. So if it's in your pocket or something, the buttons might be pressed as you're moving and then they'll make that obnoxious sound letting you know that you've just accidently...
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    what if a muslim ran for US president?

    i know i'm a little late in my response, but i just found this and thought it may help to clear things up about obama...
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    Changing your christian families perceptions of Islam...

    I don't know if this will be helpful to you or not, but whenever my mother says something, I try to correct her. Like the other day we saw a Muslim family at the bank and she muttered, "this is America..." and I replied, "you know that's religious, right?" I like to drop small hints like that...
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    Just watch the first 10 mins/ 9-11 report

    I talked to a friend about this after I saw it, and he said there was a special on the History channel challenging movies like Loose Change and Zeitgeist and claiming that 911 wasn't a conspicary. I don't know where to find the video, BUT, he said: it is important to remember that just like any...
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    Just watch the first 10 mins/ 9-11 report

    I did. :hijabi: I try to watch as many videos as I can. And I haven't seen this one before, so thank you for posting it. I was going to only watch the first minutes but I ended up watching the whole thing. It kind of reminded me of something my astronomy professor told me about aliens...he...
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    Alcohol in Medicine?

    Okay, thank you, that explains a lot. Jazakallah khair
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    Alcohol in Medicine?

    :salam2: Most of you know I'm a new Muslim, and I usually use the search for my questions, but I couldn't find this one (maybe I didn't try hard enough heh): Is it okay to take medicine that has alcohol in it? Thanks in advance. :wasalam:
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    Explanation of hijab's how I explain it. In Western culture women are depicted as sex objects and clothes are designed to attract males (and attention) to the females - short skirts, tight, low pants, low-cut shirts, etc. This is backwards from most other species, where the male is supposed to be the...
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    what if a muslim ran for US president?

    Not just your imagination. It's just not possible. Sad, but true. The US is a "Christian" country. There is no separation of church and state anymore. (How do you think Bush won a second term...) And with all the fear and misunderstanding about Islam, I don't think a Muslim canidate would get...
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    mAN turning into a Tree!!!!!

    Wow. That's an interesting disease. I've never seen anything like it before.
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    The when? Eid?

    here its being celebrated the 21st too. but i've been told the 20th by a lot of other people.
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    Your picture

    the troll is supposed to be some form of art i guess, its under a bridge in seattle. lol i've just always thought it was weird and i had to share it when i saw that pink donkey. :P
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    Make me a muslim!

    Wait, wait, hold on a minute there. They actually created a show...a reality show...about converting people to Islam? And they honestly think this is appropiate? WOW. That's all I can say. There's a show in the states called "Aliens in America" about a young Pakistani Muslim boy (named...
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    Your picture

    hahaha that is awesome. poor donkey. :) well i dont think i can beat that, but around here, but we do have this guy:
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    do u smoke??

    i was always under the impression that smoking was bad all around because it is a gross habit (no offense to smokers) that is literally killing you and annoying the non-smokers around you. i got into a discussion with a muslim brother about whether hookah was permissable, since it too is just as...