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  • As-salaamu'alaykum beta! :D:D

    u ARE younger than me na? u better be cos i like being the boss :cool: hehehe kidding :D
    kaisi ho? hope ur ok inshaALlah

    mein? theek thaak man! :D never better!" Alhumdulillah!
    madrasa's started so just a lil buzZzii these days.. make dua for me sweetii

    love u always
    take care
    wassalaam :D
    assalaamu alaykum
    Im ok too alhamduliLlah :D
    mashaAllah youre goin to your cousins wedding? is it far ffrom where you live? we're all gonna miss you sis :( come back quickly inshaAllah :D:D and mubarak to your cousin
    take care my sweetieeee
    wa saalaam
    nothing honey...
    my life is just going on, and on..
    its so boring here sometimes...
    temm'e bout you...
    howz every one at your place? give my regards to you family..
    im so dummmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbb!!

    so sorri bout this msg :redface:
    ment to post it on sister Yasmine page hahahhah!!

    so sorrii beta :p
    how are u anyway.?
    assalaamu alaykum sis :D
    good morning!! :D (ahem...i guess its not even morning in pakistan :D but anyways :D)
    how are you doing today?
    you go to college sis?school?
    ameen to your du'a my deaaar may Allah bless you too and protect you always
    have a greaaaaaat day inshaAllah
    inshaAllah youre in my duas
    may Allah help you in your affairs and make everything easier for you
    Wa salaam
    Assalamu alaykum!
    Kese ho?? tti se tum bhi addict ho gae ho?? aur phir tum mujhey galian deti thi!! lolz!
    Phopho ke ghar bethi hun... bari garni lag rahi hei..Zara Baji ko choor aai hun...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Bari udasi ho rahi hei! :(
    Assalaamu alaykum sis :D

    Aww thanks for your sweet message!
    Yasmine is a flower...Jasmine :D its got persian origins i think :D
    You live in pakistan right! hows it there? :D

    Take care
    hugsss :hearts:
    Assalaamu alaykum sis :D
    Im fine too alhamduliLlah! BarakaAllahu fik !
    Hows life going? :D
    Your name is beautiful mashaAllah! Im yasmine :D
    Take care of your eeman and yourself
    Wa salaam
    Assalaamu alaykum sis
    JazaakiLlahu khayran for adding me. I hope you're in the best of health and eeman :)
    Take care of yourself
    Wa salaam
    ha ha ha..bachari ap ki tu summer vac hee kharab ho gee...
    haha..chalo koi bathe nahi jub ap ka test ho ga aur mera nahiu phir mein enjoy keron gee
    chalo apna kehyal rekhna
    and study..zindagi mein kam ayee gee...i think...thts what my mom said..:D:D:D
    hugs and kisses to my choti see behan
    he he..shame on u beta jee..baron key saath aisey kertey ho..lo..just kidding sis..i know you were not spying..u were just staring at my name..h ehe:D
    nothign yaar..just checking all the new posts and then i have to go study for a test:tantrum1::D
    do u have school or on vacation
    :wasalam: sis
    alhamdulliah i am fine
    how are you doign dear si
    spying on me en?:D he he
    nothing much dear sis ...was bored so came on TTI
    what's up with you
    take care
    yup , my dear , I'm a Saudi Girl .
    I've performed Omrah many times ( Thanks for Allah ) but Hajj not yet , perhaps this year in sha'a Allah .
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