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  • inshaAllah we will all meet in jannah i hope so :)
    i love everyone here aswel Alhamdulillah
    for Allah's sake:)
    Awwww hehe b'day boy lol
    dear brother how is you??
    hope your good inshaAllah
    im ok Alhamdulillah:)
    hehe jazakallahu khaiyr
    haha yes sister Amzzyy lol u said all before me
    im waiting for the cake aswel
    i'l pm you my address nah il send you a pic of my flat lol
    just incase you send it to some next house:D
    nah just joking brother
    im waiting for the smile:) inshaAllah
    thought i'd leave another message hehe
    now i don't know what to say
    where do i start??
    just want to say hope you have a good day inshaAllah
    and don't worry your not that old haha
    your the same age as me now!! lol
    Anyways brother ima get out of your profile right now
    before you get bored
    its so good to have a little bro like you Ahamdulillah
    wallaykum sallam
    Hope u have a great day akhi,
    May Allah bless you with a long life of imaan happiness and success.... :)
    Waiting for the cake too ... lllol :D :D:D

    ill pm you my address :tongue:
    LoOoOoOoOoOoll :)

    Take care
    Your sister
    hehe Alhamdulillah thats good Awww
    hehe yh Alhamdulillah we shouldn't complain
    no matter how rough the day is :)
    keep smiling Always
    take care
    wallaykum sallam :)
    Awwww ok brother i will chat to you tommorrow
    good night sweet dreamzz take care
    wallaykum sallam
    same as usual my dear brother
    yes your gna be 17 inshaAllah
    getting closer & and closer to the grave init??
    May Allah give you a long life in his path
    inshaAllah and make all your wishes come true..
    your duas and the rest May Allah accept it
    May Allah grant you paradise little brother
    May Always make you smile you always make me smile
    wallaykum sallam :)
    Alhamdulillah im ok brother
    hows you doing man??
    oh yh how can i forget special day tommorrow
    ur welcome anytime
    barakallahu feek:)
    lol.... other things.. yes *ahme ahem *
    joking... me too im soooo knacked.. gonna go sleep now too inshaAllah

    Take care my sweet little bro :)
    U are always in ym duaas...keep me in yours to pls'

    Wasalaam ~
    hehehehehhehehehhehehhehheehhehehehehehehhehehehhehhe.. ur not menat to remind me man!! you spoilt ur own sruprise dude!! tut tut... oh man! thast sad

    i turned 17 in april.. exact one month older than you :D
    WaAlaikum Assalam Akhiiiiiii:)
    AlhamduliAllah I am fine, hoping the same for you:)
    thanks for asking bro,
    Allah hafiz NOW and ALWAYS:)
    just talkign to you akhi.. n on msn and urm tryinjg to revise lol :D
    that never works tho.. TTI+Msn never ever = revision lol.. there is either something missing in the equation or sumthing extra lol :D :D help me out aaahh!!
    lol... i go sleep late. .sfetr 12ish.. and i wonder about those dark circles under my eyes lol :D :D

    No worries.. its good to care for others.. :)
    what tym u go sleep akhi? late too lol
    lol.. i didnt know u were online..and i wasnt expaecting a V.msg from you lol so i was like *gah* lol :D

    oh yeah.. hows ur knee?
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