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  • alhamdulilah im good :) a lot better then earlier....
    wot was the 'OMG' all about?? lol
    lol.. hehehehheheheheh.. i like fighting with rikku maasi.. shes too cute mashAllah :)
    I knooow.. u smell baaad dude.. al the way here.. no matter how much "oust" i used the smell just wdnt go.. it was YOU!! lol :D

    Hope ur knee gets better inshaAllah
    Take acre
    Wassalam ~
    lol.... yeah thats gigantivc according to me lol :D
    Good to be fit though :)

    Thats why, every other day you see this black ninja walking down the street to go gym lol.... with her trainers on lol.. looks soo funny llo.. have u ever seen ppl do that wear trainers with shalwaar kameez lol.. or abaya.. i get the giggles lol :D
    lol.... aw bechara...... :tongue:
    Yuo cant even wlak straigh.. are you oki now? hope ur feeling better inshaAllah.

    so you are a GIGANTIC fan of footy. .lol
    no maan!! :D

    Chill.. ofcorse u didnt offend me :)
    nothing to forgive.. so chil :)

    Tell me how ws ur day?
    im soooooooooooo sorry.. i forgot to paste the msg here lol :redface:
    i think i wrote sumthing like.. urm... the usual..woke up,ate,prayed,ttied,revised,ate,slept,shopping,ate,revised,ttied,msned,ate, lol :D lol

    So sorry akhi.. i was like whats the guy saying oii for.. i posted a msg surely lol :D
    Alhumdulillah akhi everything is cooooooool :cool:

    hows everyone at your end? seriously now, lol...... mum and dad? bros n sisters?
    Dearest bro man, hows it hanging? long time no see.. wagwan :D

    lol... joking.. lemme be the sister everyone knows at tti now.. *clears throat*

    Assalam 'alaykum akhi, how are you? hows the family,? lol thats more me lol :D :D
    Asalamu alaykum

    Aww, that's so sweet of you brother. May Allah bless you too amiin. I'm so happy to have you too as my brother i ISLAM.:D jazak Allahu khayra ya akhi.
    Thanks for accepting the friend request. Actually i'm memeber of this forum for a while but not really active as i was little busy with other stuff. Anyways now i shall try to be active. Inshallah.

    Take care bro
    Asalamu alykum ya khi.

    Alhamdulilah i'm so blessed to have such people and to know them such as you. insha ALlah you will be i my duas. jazak Allahu khayra brother.:)

    Walekum Salam
    Alhamdulillah am fine.. how r u doin? Hope everything is fok wit u InshAllah :)
    Reallyyyyyyyyy u just found out am on ur frnd list.. looolz poor guy... I will get u big glasses so u can see it betta.. :D hahaah... Ma name is.....Firdous.... wats ur name?

    Wasalaam *little bro*
    aha, YET another ONE:) BLESSED!
    AlhamduliAllah akhi fiAllah, NO complaints:)
    hope YOU ARE good:)
    *keep smiling*
    Allah hafiz NOW and ALWAYS:)
    Asallamu alaykum
    yh MashaAllah brother
    you are an excellent role model!
    hehe SubhanAllah im ok im so stressed lol
    with things thats happening around
    i don't like to see people suffering and that
    so im feeling weak lol
    i miss you to brother it seems like a long time init lol
    havn't spoken to you
    i miss all the LOL's And Haha's from you LOL (jus jokin)
    teach me how to stop saying lol
    keep me in your duas brother
    wallaykum sallam
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