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  • Assalaamu'alaykum sister.

    Am I allowed to right here? :D

    I hope you are well Inshaa Allaah. Take care, fee amaanillaah xx
    mashallah ssis i can se that..........sorry i'm replyin like after an year:(...i forgot my passwprd and akhi mabsoot was busy......but i'm glad to be here!!!:jumpclap::jumpclap::jumpclap:

    i'm fine alhumdulillah:)
    se you around inshallah:p

    so very very happy:D:D:D!!!!
    Gate crashiing? Dang :p No retards aloud hun :D haha kidding LOL

    AlhumdulilLah yeah I'm keeping kinda well. :) I just had a really REALLY bad 2 week holiday period lol. *it wasnt a lolling matter but now it is lol* Back to madrasa from tmrw.

    How hav you been darlin'? I really hope you're keeping well inshaAllah.

    Take care of yourself and lvoe to baw baw Lol


    you never knew? oh ok lol

    yeah please so come :p haha that'll be fun man

    tc lovey

    hows my baw baw btw? lol

    aww mashaAllah. :)

    New news? Lol. Nothing muxh really. My wedding date has been fixed AlhumdulilLah.
    2nd October. :)

    Make dua for me please sis.

    Love you,

    Wa'alaykum salaam

    I know its been long aint it? :)
    Sorry about that

    Watsup with you? Hows life?

    Asalaamu'alaykum sister. How you been? InshaAllaah well I hope. It's been quite a while since we spoke. Just thought I'd send my greetings :D
    Stay good ukhtii
    Fi amaan Allaah

    May Allah Ta'ala make this year full of hapiiness, joy, goodness and security of all Muslims and forgive our past sins, ameen.
    Remember the Muslims who are in hardships in your dua's

    As Salaamu 'Alaykum Akhi,

    Belated Eid Mubarak to you too...
    Was away from internet during the Eid...
    jazakallah khaira for the beautiful card sister:).it's really sweet:biggrin:.sorry i'm late in replying back.i was away for a couple of days.
    hope you enjoyed your eid.....
    asalam dear sis am sorry for telling u EID mubarak for late tym
    i didnt visit this web for lyk almost 2 weeks so am sorry EID mubarak to u too love u sis thankx salam
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